Don’t label me! – no ‘E’ numbers here!

I was looking into the characteristics of being left-handed recently and it said that “lefties” are more likely to be dyslexic, schizophrenic or stutterers. Being none of these myself (other than being left-handed of course!), this set me off down the path to see if any of these other “labels” actually have any credence. As my only possible point of reference was through a dyslexic friend of mine, I embarked on a journey to disprove a few more of these personality traits.
I came across a checklist of the common signs of dyslexia in adults and using a my buddy as a guinea-pig, I finally realized what they really mean:

·        May hide reading problems.

Wouldn’t been seen dead with a book in his hand when an iPhone will do!

·        May spell poorly; relies on others to correct spelling.

Oh yes, in fact it has become obligatory to proof read anything important!

·        Avoids writing; may not be able to write.

Well why write when someone else can do it for you?

·        Often very competent in oral language.

Can talk the hind leg off a donkey ….and then some!

·        Relies on memory; may have an excellent memory.

Has the everlasting memory of an elephant (when it suits!)

·        Often has good “people” skills.

Mr. Sociable, everybody’s mate, very friendly and talks to anyone! For hours!

·        Often is spatially talented; artistic, intelligent & technically gifted.

Considers himself an expert at everything!

·        May be very good at “reading” people (intuitive).

A regular people-watcher and can sum people up in an instant!

·        In jobs is often working well below their intellectual capacity.

Working you say? Mmmm! Not sure I’d call it “work”!

·        May have difficulty with planning, organization and time management.

Puts everything off till the very last minute!

·        Often entrepreneurs.

Full of ideas, never finishes what he starts!

Well after all that I think I have summed up most of the population, whether dyslexic or not!
It just goes to show that “labelling” people is a waste of time, everyone has some talent and the challenge is finding it and being happy with your lot.
Labels are merely attempts to pigeon-hole people, and I quite like being the square peg in the round hole. There is nothing wrong in being different. As the saying goes it would be a dull world if we were all the same.
Finally, just to put the final nail in the coffin of negativity that is sometimes associated with dyslexia, I then went on to find a site where the great and the good are listed, all of whom had or have dyslexia.
It simply proves that nothing is beyond you if you really care enough to achieve it. Just don’t label me whilst you are doing it!

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