To write or not to write? – My question exactly!

Does everyone have a book “in” them?

I asked a question on Facebook the other day:
If you were to write a book, what type would you choose? I gave a few options, such as biography/ autobiography ; comedy; mystery/thriller & romance and left it open for people to add their own choices.
However, much to my surprise the overwhelming response was for biography/autobiography. So I  guess that proves a point, that people just want to know about people and that everyone has a story to tell.
I suppose what I am saying, in my own very convoluted way, is that I have always thought I could write a book. Therefore it’s time to bite the bullet, spring into action, face the music and meet the challenge head on (Note to self, avoid overuse of clichés!!!).
Can you really learn to write a book?
Is it not an innate quality, like singing or painting?
Time for some serious reflection:
  • Why do I want to do this? Is it to make money or just to challenge myself? I have no doubts on that front, obviously everyone wants to think they will write the next best.seller or blockbuster, but for me it’s more a personal goal, the realisation of a childhood dream.
  • Who is my audience? On that point, my purpose is clear,  “to write the book that I would want to read myself”.
  • How much should I write? – Memo to self: It doesn’t have to be the next “War & Peace”
  • Am I prepared to keep writing even if no-one is reading my work? What will I do if my work is continually rejected or criticised? – Keep practising or give in?
  • Finally, do I care enough to do this, because if I don’t then no-one else will either.
So, it’s time …. to stop dreaming and do something constructive – hence I have joined a Creative Writing group where I hope to learn some of the essential skills such as plot development and character creation.  This is just the beginning of what will be a huge learning curve, one that will undoubtedly be taxing and requiring much time and dedication, yet also stimulating, creative and satisfying.
Any tips or recommendations to help me on my way would be much appreciated.
You can follow my progress on here, I’ll try not to disappoint!

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