You cannot be serious!

tennis ballsIt’s that time of year again, Wimbledon beckons, and with it the nostalgia of times gone by.

It was 1981 when those immortal words were first uttered by John McEnroe –  and still we remember! It’s funny how some words live on in our memories for such a long time, we never forget who said them, or where.

These days, things seem more controlled on court, there are fewer outbursts and tantrums, but more grunting and colour, lots of colour! The traditional Wimbledon whites are less evident, as the fashionistas continually showcase their latest designs, with the addition of colourful twists and the occasional piece of bling.

In spite of it all, we shall still sit down, engrossed by the game, eating our fill of strawberries and cream (well, here in Spain, the strawberry season has finished, so it will be cherries instead!) and praying for the rain to stop. We do it every year, and we always will!

My birthday falls during the Wimbledon fortnight and it is an unwritten law that I must watch tennis, it was always my intention to be there, one day, watching a match on Centre Court (well the move to Spain put the kibosh on that idea!), but for now, the TV will just have to do. At least here, I can laugh at those poor fans, their umbrellas at the ready, wondering if they will even get to see a game, let alone a set or a whole match.

If the rain falls, (who am I kidding?), I will fill the hours writing, until play is resumed. Unfortunately, as much as I enjoy writing, it is not a compulsion for me. I can go days, even weeks without putting pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard even).

Can I, therefore, really call myself a writer? The need to write does not consume me.  I will complete my book though, and I will publish it, in my own time. I don’t have a thousand ideas in my head,  I do have a few plots to develop, once again, in my own good time.

I have read many articles on what it takes to be a writer, and the one point that really stood out for me was to know why you write. I write because I enjoy it. It’s a form of escapism, it is creative and thought-provoking, imaginative and also very hard work. But it is rewarding  to see my story grow and my characters develop personalities. Sometimes, even I don’t know how things will end!

So, am I a writer?

Some would say – ‘You cannot be serious!’

But I don’t care. I write, therefore, I am a writer – but maybe I’ll just watch Wimbledon first!


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