Dabbling in cover design

and I do mean Dabbling! 

Could I really do this myself?

It seemed possible …

I had an idea of how it should look and I have Photoshop, so theoretically I could do this myself. BUT …!!!

First of all I needed to find the right images to use, some that I could modify to bring my idea to life.

I decided to keep this one for ‘Planet Dog’ really simple, I didn’t want to overcrowd the cover with confusing images, but it had to be a good representation of the story, which is obviously set on another planet.

I needed a starry sky as my background – this photo was perfect!

starry sky

To create my planet, I wanted to find a way of immediately showing that this planet was inhabited by dogs. However, it needed to be the right shape and colour. I dabbled with the idea of superimposing a shape onto an existing image of a planet, but that would require skills way beyond my ability in photoshop.

Eventually, after a long search I found a picture that I could really work with. Funnily enough, it was something really simple – a cookie cutter that created a paw-shaped imprint on biscuits. Yeah, I know – weird or what? Truly inspirational I thought.

So, here it is – the right shape and with an instantly identifiable link to my dog theme.

pawprint planet Now it was time to venture into the unknown – Photoshop!

(Well, not entirely unknown, a photographer friend had been giving me tips for a while now, so I was not a totally newbie.)

With my starry sky background in place, I only needed to work on the planet. It needed to be rotated slightly and a colour change was called for.

I found an image of the former planet Pluto, which features in the story, and attempted to get a similar colour for my planet.

I added an ‘otherwordly’ glow to the final planet and then  it was just a case of placing it within the starry sky and adding the appropriate text.

Once again, the idea was for the text to be clear and legible, but it had to blend in with the overall final image.

Currently, the cover looks like this:

Book Cover
Book Cover

For me, this works well and I am really pleased with my first effort – things may still change, but right now, I have a cover image for my next story. On that note, it’s time to stop pfaffing about in Photoshop and move over to Scrivener!

Let the writing commence!


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