Book Review


Book: The Rockin’ Chair

Author: Steven Manchester

Rating: 5


When John’s beloved wife Alice breathes her last, he is left to cope, not only with a broken heart but also many broken relationships within his family. Before he can rejoin Alice, he seeks to strengthen those fragile bonds and put his family back together once more. From his personal vantage point of the rocking chair on the porch, he can see how they are all weighed down by their own personal traumas, and with straight talking and honest – sometimes blunt – advice he sets them all on the right path. His final challenge is to repair his relationship with his own son, Hank. who is a chip off the old block, stubborn and often unyielding.

Social context:

The story moves effortlessly between the recent past and present day. Grampa John is very much of an era when life was much simpler, although also much harder, always working on the land and not travelling further than his own neighbourhood. His grandchildren have left the family nest, moving further away and see for themselves the  harshnesses of modern life, being exposed to drugs & alcohol, infidelity and war in foreign lands (Afghanistan). When they return home to Montana, they come to realise that they did not need to leave home to find themselves.

Writing style:

This book is beautifully written, the author creates a wonderful, evocative image of the location and the reader is instantly drawn in. The relationships between the family members are very believable, easy to recognise and understand. You are immediately able to empathise with the characters and feel both their pain and their sorrow. All emotions are laid bare here, you will find yourself smiling and crying, laughing and gasping.

My thoughts:

A glorious read! This book has a genuine river of love running right through it. I simply loved it, it was like watching an episode of The Waltons and Lassie (of course there is a dog with three legs), sometimes it was heart-wrenching but, more often than not, heart-warming. Everyone should have a Grampa John in their life. I wish I did!

Check it out on Amazon now, you won’t regret it!


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