Puzzled! – At the Alhambra

A new strategy game – based on the Towers of the Alhambra

The Alhambra
The Alhambra

Those who know me well, will recognise that I have an insatiable obsession with Spain, and with Granada in particular.

It was my love affair with the city as a student that convinced me finally to return to Spain, not as a tourist, but on a more permanent basis.  Ten years later, and despite the economic doldrums, Spain is still my home.

Granada is even the setting for my current WIP – The Nasrid Charm, so my fixation with the place, its historical and cultural significance has been put to the test – most definitely.

I persistently sign up for more news on the Alhambra, receiving regular blogs and updates on all sorts of events, but my latest find is something a little more extraordinary.

As a self-confessed geek, I couldn’t resist a peek at  a recent offering – a strategy  game based on the Towers of the Alhambra, for fans of board games and strategy alike, or just Alhambra buffs.  Take up your position – North or South – and conquer the opposition.  Can you take control and win the Kingdom?

OK, so the video is in Spanish, but you’ll get the gist easily enough – after all – does not a picture paint a thousand words?

I’ll be picking up the game on my next visit – anyone up for a match?



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