No surprises here …it’s a book review!

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Book:Operation Dark Angel

– The Rise of Nicolaitanes

Author: Pam Funke

Rating: 3,5


Much like the story of Jesus, a child is born to a young girl, he is expected to be the answer to all of the world’s problems. However, immediately after the birth, the mother is brutally killed and instantly we discover  that this newborn child – Nicolaitanes Balac – has a much darker side. A prompt rise to power, becoming President of Italy and then the formation of a United World Religion sees the power-hungry Nicolaitanes at the helm of a mighty organisation, able to bring death and disease to millions at the push of a button.

Social context:

Set in a time when the world is beset with problems, terrorist activity is at the forefront of the world leaders’ discussions, famine is rife in other parts of the world, this story magnifies the bleak outlook of the modern world. People everywhere begin to question their faith and some turn to Christianity in the hope of salvation, whilst others them for the multiple missile attacks across the globe. Countries are turned against their allies as the omnipotent Nicolaitanes controls people’s actions, voices in their heads force them to obey his will, defy him at their peril.

Writing style:

The story is fast-moving, however at the outset there are a huge number of characters and the POV switches too quickly at times, becoming confusing. The general feeling is one of suspense and high tension as you fly through the pages, the characters are well-drawn and complex, and after a while you can cope with the large cast and the constant switching from one perspective to another. This is a tale based in Christian fiction, with a mood of impending doom unless you accept the ways of God. There are many biblical references and direct quotations, the overall tone was at times a little too preach-like, but the story is very good, well worth the time to read it, especially as it is quite a long story.

My thoughts:

I would not have picked this book up had I been left to my own devices, the genre itself would have deterred me. However, once I got past the preach-like tone, I was able to really enjoy the story. The character of Nicolaitanes is so inherently evil that you cannot foresee his next moves and I was constantly surprised at the depths to which he sank in order to have ‘his time’ in power. I am so glad that there is a sequel to this as there is so much more to unravel.


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