The Peregrine Prophecy – Book Review

The Peregrine Prophecy

Darren T Patrick

Rating: 5 stars

It’s been almost two months since Karsen Morgate fled Aystin, and he’s still running for his life. Colored with loss, death and betrayal, his journey has intersected with the nefarious Shroud and the deadly Fashwei, an ancient martial brotherhood trained in stealth and brutality. With danger at every turn, Karsen does the only thing he knows to do: he keeps going. He still carries the Cloudstone carving bestowed upon him by Adept Noxyn, and is determined to deliver it to Adept Ghyre as he promised. The only problem is that Adept Ghyre is nowhere to be found—if he even still lives. As Karsen slowly puts the pieces together, he comes to realize that his mission is more intricately tied up with the history of Tholann than he ever could have imagined—and more shockingly, it somehow involves the disappearance of his sister, Elysse, six years earlier. For it appears that Karsen himself is playing a central role in fulfilling an ancient prophecy, one that will bring him face to face with an unimaginably powerful evil, and lead him to the greatest mystery of them all: The Rithhek Cage.


My review:  Karsen Morgate is still on the run. His mission to deliver the Ennae – a Cloudstone carving – seems to be doomed, even the intended recipient may be no more. Petr, his wicked half-brother is still causing trouble and compounding Karsen’s every move. As he encounters new characters, his survival instincts are tested and he is forced into some very stressful and emotional situations.

The story resumes from the ending of Book One – The Cloudstone Key –  enabling me to ease straight into the story with no effort. We find Karsen on the Red River Runner, fleeing for his life and not knowing where he is heading. Petr is in pursuit, coming after both the Ennae and Karsen himself. The descriptions are, once again, very visual and vivid, bringing the settings to life – very much like a movie. There are plenty of new characters, with very believable personalities of all types. Some, like Ry and Leod, you will love and want only good things to happen to them; others, particularly Kahlryn, you will detest and fear. His actions are especially chilling as he impatiently manipulates others to fulfil his own ambitions.

We encounter the Fashwei in this book too, another dangerous organisation, whose desire to thwart Karsen’s progress leads to many gruesome and disturbing deaths. These scenes are very lucid and graphic, I almost wanted to retch alongside Karsen at the scenes of such brutal carnage.

Karsen has a surprise, but all too short, assignation with a long-lost family member, very emotional and touching moments ensue, but his mission must continue – no matter the personal cost to him!

The peregrine element is very well depicted, at a time when the suspense levels are high and the reader is left guessing what will happen next. When Karsen reaches his intended destination –  the Rithhek Cage –  I did wonder where the story could go from there – it seemed as though the mission was over. However, what follows sets the scene nicely for the next book. Clearly there is more to be come.

Great scene setting, vivid descriptions and strong characterisations make this second book in the trilogy yet another  great read. It packs a lot of punches and has great pace – you won’t want to put it down. It’s much longer than book one, but seriously moves the adventure along with plenty of momentum and drama.


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