Variety is good …..especially in books!

I  haven’t posted any  book reviews for a while, simply because I haven’t been reading as much as usual. Yes, guilty as charged – I have neglected my reading list in favour of new projects, destined to make me rich (ha, I should be so lucky!) Anyway, I have since seen the error of my ways and have returned to the sunny spot in the garden, armed with my kindle and within easy reach of the teapot. Normal service has been resumed – and it feels good.

Anxious to make up for lost time, I embarked on a mission to make a proper dent in my ‘to be read’ list, as I have already added more books, so it was time to redress the balance. I was very methodical and refused to be tempted by those new additions, I scrolled back through the list to find a couple that would have been wearing a thin coating of dust, had they been traditional physical books.

The first one under review is: Poison Pill by Glenn Kaplan (I gave this 3 stars)


Viktor Volkov is a user, he uses anyone  to get want he wants and is not averse to using bribery, blackmail and even murder if necessary. A Russian oligarch, he seeks approval and acceptance from those in power, but wants more – always more. This time he is behind a takeover bid for a pharmaceutical company, Percival & Baxter, in search of a chemical compound to further increase his wealth. His methods are more than unethical, as he ‘arranges’ for one of the company’s current best-selling products to be poisoned and thus causing deaths and fear amongst both  the general public and the shareholders. As a result, the stock tumbles and allows him to bid for the company at a heavily reduced price.  However, the deal is being fronted by the ex-husband of the current CEO, himself a victim of blackmail and reluctant to sink to the depths required by the power-crazed Volkov. This leads to cracks appearing in the bid process, which are discovered eventually by the technical team at the company, but not before Volkov’s own daughter turns against him. She has witnessed his dealings many times, but when he forces his will on her life, she is beyond enraged and sets out to destroy him herself. 

The story has all the ingredients of a great mystery, although maybe it could be too predictable in its stereotypes. There is plenty of animosity on all sides, but Volkov’s mistake lies in his own belief that he has full control of the situation. When he interferes in his daughter’s life and takes the decision to terminate her pregnancy against her will, he unwittingly seals his own fate. As a young woman of immense wealth, accustomed to consorting with people in authority, she is able to dismantle his empire with the help of a fellow rich kid, Peter, who just happens to be the son of the CEO and the blackmailed frontman. Peter is seduced into helping her, his typical teenage lifestyle has been filled with video games and computers, giving him the skills to hack into his mother’s company and get evidence to incriminate Volkov. His only concern is to clear his father of any blame.

All in all, the plot has many interesting and unexpected elements, it flows quickly and creates plenty of suspense. At times, it does seem a little far-fetched and the findings made by Peter come a little too easily. However, it’s a fascinating story of good versus evil and shows how fragile the familial ties can be when stretched to the limit.

If you like a good mystery, suspense and revenge, then this is definitely worth a read.

My next review will follow immediately, I meant what I said about making up for lost time! Read on, please 🙂


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