A to Z challenge – starting April 1st.

The A to Z blogging challenge starts on April 1st and so it’s time to make a few preparations.

I will be posting two articles each day. Yes, two! I know, double the work, but there is a method in my madness. Whilst I want to continue adding posts relating to books and writing – as is my usual subject matter – I also want to take the opportunity to showcase my current home of Alicante in Spain.

So, firstly, there will be a written post, based on my chosen theme of books & writing.

A very honourable profession.

Then, I will be adding a photo post relating to the towns and villages of Alicante in Spain. (I’ve lived here for over ten years now, so these photos will include a mixture of my own pics and others)


Did you know there are 238 villages in the province of Alicante? So I  have plenty to choose from (although currently places beginning with K and W are eluding me, I might have to apply a little ‘creative licence’ at that point).

Anyway, what’s the point of a challenge if it is not challenging?

By the way, you might be thinking I’m a fool (an April fool at that!), but I’m sure you’ll learn to love Alicante as much as I do by the end of this.

¡Hasta pronto bookworms! 🙂


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