Z is for … Zebra Print!

ZYou might need to apply some ‘right side of the brain’ thinking to this one – it’s a little bizarre, but there is an element of logic to it.

Well, any topic starting with ‘Z’ was going to be challenging!

Here goes! Bear with me.

Just as a zebra would feel naked without its stripes, so would the page of a book without any words. (You see where I’m going now?)

Waving farewell to the A to Z challenge, albeit fondly, also compels me to return to the real world, where many clear-cut, tangible tasks await me.

Yes, it’s time to get back to normality, which means that I too have to put ‘black on white’, as it were.

It’s time to put pen to paper and get my writing projects in order.

If I am to meet my own goals of being a published author before the year is out, then I need to re-focus on my novel.

 Whilst doing this challenge, my own issues as a control freak have come to light (I want to write the book, edit it, design the cover and translate it) All of which might (only might though!) indicate why it is taking so long to get the project finished and also why I keep procrastinating.

If nothing else, I’ve learnt that that maybe I can find others with far greater expertise to take on some of these arduous tasks, thus leaving me to stick to writing the stories.

However, completing this challenge has also proved that I am able to commit to completing daily tasks, and so, if I were more organised, then all of the above is still achievable.

Also, I had a great thought last night – about starting my own publishing company!

Too much?

In need of therapy?

You might be right, but I couldn’t possibly comment 🙂

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