C is for … Chocolate & Coffee

CWhether as a treat for completing certain goals (finishing a good book) or as a comforting pick-me-up when things don’t go as planned (writer’s block), chocolate and coffee are the perfect ingredients to just make life better!

I particularly love this time of year as we approach Easter – I definitely don’t give up either of these for Lent – that’s for sure!

Well, why would I even try, when the shelves are filled to brimming point with chocolate eggs (melting!) and basically anything that can be made from or covered in this derivative of the cocoa bean?

Willpower is not the problem, honestly!

But I’d rather adopt the view that as my very favourite chocolate goodie only comes my way for a limited time each year, the rest of the time it’s simply not available to me, so why deny myself?

Of course, I’m talking about the deliciousness that is the Cadbury’s Creme Egg!

Living  in Spain, this sweet treat is not always in the shops. Besides, they don’t travel well – sometimes the ones over here have melted or the sugary fondant has crystallised, rendering them nigh on inedible (yeah, as if!)

I get my fix from a very dear and reliable friend who travels over every March with a few boxes stashed away in her luggage. Thus meaning these eggs are not subjected to the trauma of export & import delays, nor do they sit on the shelves of a store without air-con. No siree, my creme eggs are stored wisely, maintained in optimum conditions and shown the utmost respect.

As a serious connoisseur, these delicacies are rationed so that every one is savoured and enjoyed. Usually with a cup of coffee, preferably a Viennese cappuccino with choc chip pieces sprinkled on top!

Mm, methinks I deserve a treat right now. Three days into the A to Z challenge and I’m still here –

I told you willpower was not the problem, now… addiction … maybe!!!



7 thoughts on “C is for … Chocolate & Coffee

  1. The only thing I enjoy more than reading, is reading while eating chocolate! 🙂
    I’m posting about bookish topics for the A-Z Challenge, too–stop by if you like!

    1. Thanks for dropping by. I gladly returned the favour – after all a chocoholic bookworm must be worth a visit. I’m still trying to remember my book collections as a kid – I’m sure it will come back to me …eventually 🙂

  2. Oh My Goodness! I wasn’t expecting to find a Cadbury’s Creme Eggs post lurking about on “C” Day but, what a delicious surprise, none-the-less! I find them a tad too sweet for my taste….I am more of a dark chocolate lover, myself. But, as with any good writing, you have illicited a reaction from this reader so, I will bid you adieu, as I begin searching the house for the chocolate I absolutely must have at this very moment! Thanks for such a tasty read. 🙂

  3. Any time is chocolate time, although I’m not a big fan of the Cadbury eggs (somehow the yolk just doesn’t work for me). Thank you for following me at Triggershorse. – Fawn

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