A to Z challenge · NaNo

D is for … Distractions or Delaying tactics?

DYou know those days when you are determined to get things done, only to be met with one distraction after another?

I’m not convinced that I am really so easily distracted, rather that I am creating my own delaying tactics to put off doing something that I’m not in the mood to do. I mean, no-one is  forcing me to play Candy Crush or scroll through an endless stream of doggy pics, but nonetheless I can waste plenty of time on these two things alone, instead of knuckling down and sticking to my plans.

After all, when things have to be done, then you just get on and do them, don’t you?

The way I see it is that if the said task is important, then I will get on with it. Which means that most things are just not important enough. That being said, the kind of things I put off are usually inane things, such as cleaning the house and tidying the garden. However, occasionally I have been known to put off more essential tasks, like eating and drinking (unless of course it involves eating chocolate!)

This also transpires into my writing, when I hit a rough patch, I tend to put everything on hold and wait for some divine intervention to call me back to the plot. This rarely happens, and so I have quite a few unfinished projects to circumvent. Even though I meet my writing goals during those NaNo challenges, I have yet to finish one of those ‘novels’ completely. Oh, I’ve written the end and I’ve edited it – quite a few times  – but then I convince myself that it’s still not ready. Maybe the ending is not strong enough or the subplot needs tightening, any excuse will do. Even when I have had feedback from others, who seem to enjoy the story and encourage me to go on, even then, I know better and tell myself it’s not the right time.

I definitely need a new plan, one that includes more dedication and discipline:

Oh well, maybe tomorrow 🙂