Here we go again …. another book review!

Bernie and the Putty

by Steve LeBel

I gave this 5 stars. (Fantasy / SciFi)



How can you stop a god from destroying everything– even if you are a god?
This humorous fantasy explores a world where Gods and Goddesses go to school, fall in love, and struggle with bad bosses and horrible bullies while designing complex universes.
Meet Bernie, God School’s latest graduate, described by his teachers as careless and lacking focus, yet lucky enough to land a job building a sun with three planets.
Meet Shemal, the boss who eats young gods for breakfast. When Shemal isn’t terrorizing Bernie, our young god has to deal with Billy. Think Satan is God’s adversary? Billy’s the Bully God with a grudge and a plan to sabotage Bernie’s universe with mysterious asteroids, volcanoes and more.

If you like what you’ve read so far, then this book is a must for you.

I saw how a friend had highly recommended this book and was convinced that it was right up my street. Let me just say – what an unexpected delight! I expected to enjoy it, after all every review I read was very positive, but I did not expect to be drawn in so quickly. The story had me captivated until the end and an overwhelming desire to see Bernie victorious kept me hooked. His genuine need to maintain his own strong moral code tests him to the limit. Others, his friend Lenny being one of them, might have been less considerate for his creations, but not Bernie. Challenged at every step by Billy the bully god, he always seeks to find the best solution that doesn’t include death, destruction or any form of violence.

As a young, impressionable god, he is shy, trusting and more than a little gullible. His relationship with Suzie is so innocent, sweet and touching. Bernie struggles with his own emotions, he embarrasses easily but he doesn’t run away. He is a resilient young man, with a heart of gold. The life form that he creates – albeit unwittingly – becomes very important to him. He is not self-obsessed by his own godly powers, although he is amazed at his own abilities at times. Having been abandoned by his father at an early age, the kinship that later grows between him and Alcandor (one of the leaders on his universe) is wonderful to see. The two of them each fill a void in the other’s life, and with a shared thirst for knowledge, their relationship blossoms.

The story is clearly one of good triumphing over evil, but written in such a way that it is not at all preachy. It merely entertains and inspires the reader – which is no mean feat. It’s a great read, you will be wrapped up in Bernie’s world instantly and will care for his creations and him in no time at all.

I do hope that Bernie will be back  🙂


The Universe Builders:  Bernie and the Putty, will be published on May 30th.

I hope you’re tempted to buy it, it’s now available on Amazon

Enjoy 🙂

This weekend (June 28/29) available free on Amazon, click here to take advantage of this great offer.






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