H is for … Handwriting

HOK, so maybe this should have been G for Graphology, but I prefer the term ‘handwriting’, it’s self-explanatory and unpretentious. It’s also interesting to see that how you write can actually determine certain personality traits – good and bad. Pretty nifty eh?

So, putting my money where my mouth is, I decided to try out one of the online quizzes, just out of curiosity.

First of all, I wrote out a sample text on unlined paper. Then, based on the size of my writing (large, medium, small, extra small) and the slanting (left, right, straight) it determined the following results

Medium sized – Characteristics include being accurate, logical, and composed.

Straight up and down – You control yourself whenever your emotions get out of hand and you keep your emotions in balance. Your manners are reserved and you show leadership qualities. You weigh things wisely and you know what you want. You don’t have spontaneous reactions or make casual decisions. You usually won’t say what you are feeling even if there is a storm inside. In relationships you are inclined to be reserved and won’t express your emotions freely. Your feelings are evident through daily signs of affection. 

Did you catch my previous post on ’emotions’? Well, I wrote that before doing this test – and it looks like I really do know myself well – I’m impressed!

Of course, this is just a simple test and cannot possibly identify more detailed aspects of my personality, but it surprises me to discover that even this fundamental insight is projected in my handwriting.


3 thoughts on “H is for … Handwriting

  1. I took a class on graphology awhile back just because I was curious. I don’t buy into all of it, but it was really interesting–and it made me very self conscious about my own handwriting for quite awhile!

    1. I did too, and must admit that these days I type more than I write by hand – as such my handwriting has deteriorated beyond belief (I’m sure I could be a doctor now for my scrawl is just as illegible 🙂 )

  2. I read another excellent post today on handwriting. And one of my future posts (N for Notes) is on it! Great minds and all that (regardless of whether we have great handwriting!)

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