K is for … Kindle

KAs I write this post, my Kindle is at my side,

charging up in preparation for many more hours of pure bliss.

It’s one of the original models whereby I am not distracted by Facebook or tempted to check emails.

My Kindle is for my books – and that is why it is so precious.

In such a confined space, I can carry with me a whole variety of entertainment.

There are no annoying adverts or mindless musical interludes to distract me, just the knowledge that when I wake my Kindle, there will be stories aplenty to suit my mood.

Although I must admit to having added some music files of my own choice, to play in the background as I read.

This is particularly useful when I want to drown out my busy environment (at the beach or by the pool – it can get so raucous – honestly!) and just get wrapped up in a great book.

(Of course, I use earphones at this point, no need to add to the noise levels!)

Whispernet is my book fairy, silently gifting me with book after book at the click of a mouse.

When my eyes are tired and I can read no more, the ‘enable speech’ function can be turned on, allowing me to listen on as the story continues to unfold and my eyes begin to close.

 The only downside to this is that I frequently fall asleep and can’t remember where I got to in the story, sometimes I have to simply start again (not that that is ever really a problem!)

Whilst it’s true to say that I also have the Kindle App on my laptop, tablet and phone (once a gadget geek, always a gadget geek!) these act as emergency back-up devices only.

I’d much rather use the real McCoy than the app, but you just got to have a back-up plan.

My Kindle has its own leather case, lined with a rich purple coloured felt fabric and a very cool reading light that is akin to a surgical implement.

All wrapped up and sealed with its velcro tab, it seems like a very important dossier or something similar,

There is no denying that it is a much-loved item, and as such it deserves the utmost respect.

Now, if only it didn’t also come accompanied by an addiction to Amazon’s One-Click, this would be a habit to end all habits.

Yes, it’s true – I am a reading addict and I blame the Kindle!


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