O is for …Origins of names

OHave you ever thought or said to yourself about someone you just met,

‘she doesn’t look like a Susan’ or ‘he is nothing like a Fred’?

Is it even possible to look like a Ronald or a Herbert?

Are we merely applying our own preconceived ideas to such people?

Do we really think that everyone called Sidney or Ashley will look alike or possess similar qualities and characteristics?

Particularly when these names can be used for both genders.

Then again, why do some celebrity parents choose such bizarre names for their children?

Is it to make them feel special and unique?

Would you even contemplate naming your child ‘Apple’, ‘Blue’ or the infamous ‘Blanket’?

Having a regular name doesn’t make anyone less unique or special. In fact, names have roots, they originate from very definite places or things.

Whilst you may say the same of an apple or a blanket, the fact that they are merely common nouns makes them less unusual.

I like the fact that my names have meanings that differentiate me from an object.

When I researched my own name, ‘Lynne’, there were four possible origins.

Firstly, it is an English name that means beautiful waterfall.

Secondly, in French it is a variant of Lynette / Eluned (meaning idol)

Thirdly, in German it is also a variant of Linda and means snake or  Lime tree.

Finally, in Spanish it comes from the name Linda, meaning pretty.

Of the four, and being English by birth, I’ll take the first option. I can also see the connection to the moon in the French version. I daresay, someone will see the ‘snake’ element in me too, but I’m not admitting to that personally.

You might think all this is insignificant, but humour me just a while.

I am a Cancerian (ruled by the moon)

I was born in an English city (Birmingham) where there are more canals than in Venice, and I now live on Spain’s eastern coast – the water link!!

Oh, by the way – I also have a lime tree in my garden!

Of course, my parents wouldn’t have considered these points when naming me.

Maybe I have simply grown into my name!


3 thoughts on “O is for …Origins of names

  1. Love this topic! I spend insane amounts of time researching and looking for that perfect name for my characters. I have changed the main character of my book I’m working on about 4 times already! Having a meaningful name that fits their unique characteristics is so important!

    Cheers to another Cancer!! 🙂

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