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R is for … Reading lists

RI think I’ve cracked it!

Don’t hold your breath, but I may have actually solved the problem of how to get through all of the books on my reading list.

It’s simple really. All the best plans rely on simplicity – and this is no different.

I bet you’ve even considered it yourself.

The answer is to get off Facebook* and read instead!!!! (* Other Social Media applications may be substituted here too!)

I told you it was easy.

But as my Mom would say, “easier said than done!”

So, ask yourself this question: “What do you get from Facebook that is preventing from signing out and doing something more worthwhile?”

– messages and photos from your friends and families (OK, but does that really require you to constantly check?)

– notifications from your favourite pages and followers (OK, but does that really require you to constantly check?)

– funny or cute videos and photos of animals doing weird and wonderful things (Really? Don’t you find that after a while they all morph into the same thing?)

– the knowledge that you can instantly tell people about your day (But do you think they are really interested in your breakfast, your commute or your issues with utility services?)

– well, the games are cool! (N0, they are not cool – they are addictive, frustrating and time-consuming – you can spend your time in much better ways!)

The overuse of the word ‘really’ is intentional – as you seriously need to realise that it’s all a conspiracy to encourage you to click on quizzes and links that may be amusing at first, but which soon become predictable and boring. You don’t want to be bored, do you? Are you ready for brain-rot? If so, carry on!

If you want to get your life back, sign out and read instead. Don’t be bored any longer. Reading is not boring, it’s enlightening, educational, fun, fascinating, emotional, imaginative and creative.

So, now that I have made the life-changing decision to read more rather than fritter away my time on Facebook, then there is one more indisputable step that I have to make. I have to make a public promise that I will read a number of books each month, so that I can meet the Goodreads challenge of 50 books in a year. To date, I have read 20 books and am slightly ahead of my goal. Each month I aim to read a minimum of four books and I will make that declaration public via this blog.

(It’s already mid April, so I’m combining the rest of April with May, but will then revert  to monthly promises)

I hereby promise that by the end of May, I will read and review the following books:

  • Spies, Lies & Consequences by Hugh Davies
  • The Greenland Breach by Bernard Besson
  • Living with Strangers by Elizabeth Ellis
  • Holy War by Mike Bond
  • La prisión de Black Rock by Fernando Trujillo Sanz
  • Cold Lonely Courage by Soren Paul Petrek
  • The Paris Lawyer by Sylvie Granotier

It’s an eclectic mix of mysteries, legal thrillers and historical fiction. So much more intriguing and challenging than Candy Crush!

What about you? What will you be reading this Spring?

Tell me, please! I love to get recommendations from others, so spill the beans!