T is for … Translations

TI asked a group of Spanish friends if they read many books in languages other than Spanish and their answer was an overwhelming ‘NO!’

I guess the same can be said of most English speakers too, so I wasn’t really surprised, just a little saddened.

However, as I live here, I want to (eventually) see my book in a local bookstore and have come to realise that, although the stores will stock it, it stands very little chance of attracting a Spanish audience. Of course, there are many Brits here too, so there is still a potential readership.

My friends obviously saw the look of disdain on my face and immediately tried to remedy the situation by suggesting that I translate it into Spanish.

I laughed out loud but then saw that they were serious. Not only that, they were positively buoyed up by the idea and agreed to help me by proofreading it.

And so, the seed was sown.

I’m in the throes of translating it myself and sometimes I feel that certain elements seem more effective and realistic when written in Spanish. As the story features many true events and locations (the Spanish Civil War, the Alhambra Palace), I did a lot of research on these topics in Spanish, so those parts flow more easily. At least all that research has paid off and has given the tale a touch of authenticity, which I hope will appeal to a Spanish reader or two.

It’s quite demanding and progress is slow as my priority is to get the English version published by the end of the year. But, being the control freak that I am, I am enjoying the challenge and aim to complete the translated text for next year.

It makes a change from the usual stuff that I translate, so why not?


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