U is for … The Underworld

UNo, not the knicker factory on Coronation Street!  (Sorry, only my fellow Brits will get  that!)

One of my favourite TV series of 2013 was the BBC fantasy drama – Atlantis,  a mish-mash of Greek mythology tales. This series was derided for its lack of credibility and attention to detail. I, on the other hand, thought it was highly amusing and entertaining. Some expected it to be more gritty, like Game of Thrones, but were sadly disappointed.

Atlantis features Jason (as in Jason & the Argonauts) and his partners-in-crime Hercules and – wait for it – Pythagoras (the Greek God of the Hypotenuse perhaps!)  This alone should have you pondering its authenticity. It also includes the Oracle, Medusa and several of the more famous mythological yarns.

For me, it was simply good family fun, suitable for all ages to watch. It’s pure escapism, just don’t take it too seriously!

One of the most entertaining episodes (if you can call it such) was the quest to collect Pandora’s box from Hades, aka the Underworld.

Faking death (naturally!) Jason & Hercules  take the ferry (which take the souls across the river) to the Underworld.

Hades was a gloomy place, but very busy! It was filled with huge personalities, all of whom had been curious to visit the Underworld, unaware that it was a one-way ticket. (Except for our hero Jason!)

Once there, the twosome seek out the cherished artefact and must then take on a risky challenge to assure safe passage back to the Land of the Living.

And, of course, they make it back – with Pandora’s box in tow. Now comes the dilemma of what lies inside!

In essence, it’s a humorous adaptation of Greek mythology, which gives the audience an insight into a subject that they might never otherwise have considered.

It’s harmless fun, as long as you realise that it’s not a true representation of the ‘facts’.

Isn’t that the whole point of a fantasy story?

Enjoy it for what it is and don’t expect to choose Greek mythology as your specialist subject on Mastermind afterwards.



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