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V is for … Viennese Coffee

VMmmm, coffee!

What better aroma can there be? (Apart from bacon, of course!)

Now, I might be a Brit, but I do like my coffee. Tea, of course, is my regular breakfast tipple, but throughout the rest of the day, coffee is king.

We’re lucky to have some wonderful coffee houses nearby, each and every one of them somehow entice me in with the sound of rushing steam and clinking coffee cups. Whilst I’ll take my usual ‘café con leche’ at most venues, there is one place that compels me to have a Viennese coffee.

It’s downright rude to refuse!

It’s a popular traditional cream-based coffee beverage, made by preparing two shots of espresso in a standard sized coffee cup and infusing the coffee with whipped cream (as a replacement for milk and sugar) until the cup is full. Then the cream is twirled and optionally topped off with chocolate sprinklings. (Although, optionally is not a recognised part of my vocabulary in this instance!) The coffee is drunk through the cream top, and you simply have to eat the remaining foam with a spoon once all the liquid has gone.

Have I tempted you to try one?

It’s the perfect way to relax, with a good book to read or a notebook to scribble in as you ‘people watch’. coffee

Afterwards, the world is a much better place – trust me!




Dreams can come true and mine was to live in Spain forever and ever ....  Well, after studying languages many years ago I became totally enamoured with all things Spanish, I finally made the big move for a more 'relaxed' lifestyle in 2003.  Since then, I have been teaching Spanish to Ex-pats and translating. Also, I trained as a Community Manager (Social Media) so that I have a genuine excuse to be on Facebook, Twitter and the Internet for hours on end, but then I started to write. My first attempt was for NaNo 2012 with 'The Nasrid Charm' (a story set in Spain and the Afterlife.) Like most first drafts, this is in need of serious revision and has been placed on the backburner, while I pursue my mystery stories. I'll get back to it - one day :) 

One thought on “V is for … Viennese Coffee

  1. Yes, I am tempted to drink a cup fo Viennese coffee. The thought of eating the cream with a spoon after the coffee is gone sounds like delicious fun. Think I’ll be having a good weekend with so many blog post ideas like these. Thanks for stopping by me a couple days ago. I didn’t check some of my posts.

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