X is for … X-ray vision

XIf you could have any  magical superpower, what would you choose?

As an avid people-watcher,  it would have to be the Invisibility Cloak, as the ability to pass through any place unnoticed would be  just too tempting to refuse.

However, you may have noticed that this post is (supposedly) about x-ray vision and not about being invisible. And you would be perfectly correct in thinking so and in which case, I applaud your observation skills and will now  explain myself.

I have need for a secondary superpower, this being a specialised form of x-ray vision. I don’t want to be able to see through objects to see what lies behind or beneath (that could have some nasty consequences!) Instead, my version would be able to identify when something is not in the right place, or  is out-of-place completely.

This power would be used to scan through my writing and seek out possible plot holes, messy syntax, stumbling story lines, dodgy dialogue and inconsistent character traits – at the very least!

It would convert my multiple drafts into a more coherent manuscript that would be fit for an editor in much less time, thus making me more productive and ‘publishable’. I don’t expect it to simply correct my scribbles, merely to make them more obvious to me – so that I actually learn from my mistakes. I’m not asking a lot, really. All I want to do is to cut down on the painful task of self-editing, which then frees me up to concentrate on writing.

I know this could all be achieved by just finding a great editor, who understands my thought patterns and my weaknesses – but I’m not sure such a person exists (and if they do – would anyone who can get inside my head really be a reliable source to critique anything!! – I’m sure that says more about me than any potential editors out there!!)

 In the meantime, I suppose I should just bite the bullet and get on with the job of finding an editor (you see, I am overly fond of clichés – you can tell, can’t you?)

But, if you hear of anything that fulfils my requirements, you will let me know, won’t you? I’ll be the one hiding behind the invisibility cloak, no doubt with my foot (or some other extremity) sticking out and giving away my presence!


3 thoughts on “X is for … X-ray vision

  1. and you’d leave the rest of us in the dust once you have Super Fast Edit and we are stuck with … Dull Ed!! I don’t think so 🙂

    I’d like my super x-ray power to be language translation for those moments when people at the cafe table next to me are carrying on an animated conversation in another language. People listening fascinates me just like people watching !

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