All aboard!

Well,I am nothing if not persistent (annoyingly so, some might say!!)

Bus number 2 poses plenty of twists and turns as it veers towards what could have been a very disturbing truth for mankind. It alternates between the present day and the 1940s, detailing the extent to which Hitler’s leading men were prepared to go to ‘create’ the perfect human specimen.

The Bleiberg Project by David S Khara

is a fivebleiberg star thriller, filled with intrigue and conspiracy theories. It will make you question how such atrocities could happen and indeed, why were they so obsessed with the need to create a superhuman?

Summary: Jeremy Corbin is a trader on Wall Street, currently he is in a very depressive after a drinking bout led to the death of a child as he drove home one night. He grew up without his father in his life, believing him to have abandoned his family. When Jeremy is told of his father’s death by the CIA and that he was actually killed, he also learns his father did not want to leave his family, but circumstances meant he had to go away in order to keep them safe. Armed with this news, he tells his mother, who then hands him a locket, containing a key bearing the Nazi emblem – the Swastika. More than a little confused, Jeremy then gets the news that his mother has also been killed and he finds himself heading for Europe with a CIA agent and a Mossad agent. Can his life get any more complicated? Well, yes, it can …. and does!!

My thoughts: I am fascinated (possibly too much so) by this period of history and I soaked up this story like a sponge. Jeremy Corbin is a bit of a dullard, very much wrapped up in his own problems and not trying too hard to help himself. He has a tendency to feel quite sorry for himself and is forced to learn to think and act differently when he embarks on his escapade with the secret agents. The female CIA agent is a tough cookie, but she grows to like Jeremy, inspite of his poorly timed one-liners and ‘woe is me’  attitude. The Mossad agent is the most interesting character of the three, and what develops for his character is truly riveting. The pace is fast, but without losing the details. Highly recommended to anyone who finds this subject matter as compelling as I do, and thankfully there is more to come as a series is underway 🙂


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