Just like the buses ….

You wait forever and then three come at once ….

Not that I expect anyone is waiting for these book reviews, but that’s never stopped me before!

So, bus number 1 will take you on a journey to the other side of the grave.

This book is called The Midnight Side by Natasha Mostert. It’s an intricate psychological thriller and has the kind of ending that will leave you stunned. Four stars from me and I’ll be reading more from this writer.

the midnight side THE MIDNIGHT SIDE is a chilling tale of a seductive woman who, even from the grave, is able to manipulate events to her satisfaction. A haunting story of revenge and obsessive love gone wrong. Isabella (Isa) de Witt gets a strange call in the early hours from her cousin Alette, but there is just one problem…Alette is dead. When she returns to England to handle Alette’s estate, she gets embroiled in her cousin’s plan to right a wrong done to her as she is left three letters with very detailed instructions to be carried out. With little realisation as to the impact of her actions, based on these instructions, Isa starts to think that these plans are a waste of time. Until she meets Justin, Alette’s ex-husband. It appears that Alette had been exaggerating her lifestyle and had twisted the truth to make her husband seem to be the wrongdoer in their marriage. Isa continues to follow Alette’s instructions, but become increasingly uneasy over what she is asked to do, as she witnesses Justin’s life unravel as a result. She begins to question her relationship with Alette and needs to know how Alette died. Was it really an accident?

The Midnight Side is a gripping page turner from the beginning to the end. It is a complex psychological thriller with elements of lucid dreaming, African folklore and the possibility of a vengeful woman manipulating events from the grave. Filled with mystery, suspense and characters who are not always likeable, but they are very believable – in their own ‘distorted’ way! , it’s a great ride (yes, I’m still with the bus analogy!!)


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