Idiosyncrasies of the English Language

Don’t panic. I’m not going all-out academic linguistics on you, but we need to take a moment to consider the quirks of the American English language (as opposed to British). More to the point: what…

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This time, I’m serious!


I mean it!

After way too much procrastination, I am finally serious about getting my book published. TRULY, I AM!

I have been dilly-dallying for far too long and it has dawned on me that the only way this thing is going to happen is if I knuckle down and make it so.

corgi stick

Therefore, as my beloved doggy friend (WARNING: there will be many doggy references ahead!) so aptly defines my problem, I am back on the path to authordom.

Re-energised, determined and unwavering – this time – I AM SERIOUS!