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Classic character archetypes are found in both the oldest stories known to man and modern fiction today, in cultures throughout the world. They are not restricted purely to written fictional prose, either: they can be found in plays, television, film and even non-fiction. Some …

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What would make you take revenge?

The Nasrid Charm centres on the ability to exact revenge – in the most deadly way – without ever being detected or suspected.

Suzy Kendall would never have even considered the possibility of taking the law into her own hands.

But the powers of the Ring – and the influences of her Circle of Elders – give her the choice to decide the fate of those who have wronged her for herself.

What would it take for you to be willing to exact your own revenge? Not just a petty act, but a serious, premeditated, full-blown attack?

Once you have carried out the vengeful act and not been discovered, would you be tempted to use the powers again?

Could it become addictive?

It would change your life – FOREVER!

If selected, could YOU commit to The Nasrid Charm?


Excitement · Kindle · The Nasrid Charm

Excited? You betcha!

As part of the revision course that I am following, it is obviously necessary to re-read my novel several times.

Now, whilst the course recommends a printed version – which I can understand –  I have run out of paper and am not patient enough to wait till I can get some more. (It’s too hot and I really don’t fancy getting into my sauna of a car right now).

So, I have downloaded my file from Scrivener to my Kindle – just so that I can get started!

And, LOOK!

It’s my book – on my Kindle!!!



How excited am I to see this?

Geez, what will I be like when it’s the finished, published version???

Determined · The Nasrid Charm

I know I have attitude!

positiveAs I said only a few days ago, this time I am serious about getting my book ready for publishing. It’s been ignored for way too long – my own fault, I know. The problem was that I didn’t really know how to revise it properly. I’ve followed so many blogs, read a plethora of books on the subject and still floundered like a beached whale.

But that has all changed – hopefully for the better! I have signed up for a five month course to learn how to revise my book – and all future ones (am I being presumptuous? – Hell, NO!)

So, now that I have made a proper paid-for commitment, I feel empowered. Knowing that I CAN get this book ready for human consumption is a great feeling. It won’t be easy, but I understand that from the outset.

I’m ready and positively raring to go! I’ll let you know how it goes, but I’m sure that just having the right attitude will take me much further than ever before.

It’s time to turn my ATTITUDE into APTITUDE 🙂


blurb · justice · mystery · The Nasrid Charm

Book One: it’s ‘blurb’ time!

So, what is all the fuss about?

You asked, and here is my answer:

The Nasrid Charm is active once more, having been dormant for centuries.

The new ring bearer is Suzy Kendall, who stumbles upon its hidden identity as she sets out to create her family tree. Her research leads her to Spain, and she discovers that the heirloom now in her possession is stolen property, taken from the vaults of the Alhambra Palace following the Spanish Civil War. Her grandfather, disowned by his family many years prior, still stands accused with its theft. As she seeks to clear his name, a string of coincidences force her to investigate the ring more closely.

With solutions to her questions not forthcoming, Suzy takes an unorthodox approach to finding out the truth and opts for a Life within Lives regression. Whereupon she encounters her Circle of Elders who teach her the origins and powers of the gemstone she wears on a chain around her neck. She is transported to fifteenth century Spain, led by her ancestor Soraya, the last true owner of the ring, and whose own story helps to unravel the mysteries of the strange circumstances that have befallen Suzy since she started her investigations.

She learns that the ring is enchanted and enables the bearer to perform acts of vengeance without detection, assuming that they are carried out for the greater good of many. Soraya, herself, admits to using the powers to murder an evil husband, responsible for many atrocities against the citizens of Granada.

Meanwhile, at home, her own life takes a very murky path as she discovers her business investment has been a huge scam. The Circle of Elders encourages Suzy to take revenge upon the fraudsters with the help of the Nasrid Charm.

Is it really an alternative to justice?

Can she succeed where the legal system seems bound to fail?




The Secret Tool That Will Put Your Writing Over The Top

I’ve never taken a writing class so I’m not sure when I learned this trick. Somehow I picked it up over the past decade. I don’t even know if it’s important to other authors, or if writing instruct…

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For me, the more detailed the description, the better it is. But it still leaves me wondering whether I’m rambling or not, and whether the reader will ‘skip’ the descriptions in favour of action or dialogue. 

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