A must-read book for mystery lovers

The Church Murders – A stand-alone thriller (Greek Island Mysteries Book 2) by Luke Christodoulou is an outstanding tour de force that will have you racing through the book to solve the puzzle for yourself.luke1

The picturesque Greek Isles are once again unsettled by death…
Hellenic Police Captain COSTA PAPACOSTA and Lieutenant IOLI CARA are back, faced with four brutal cases all strangely connected to the Greek church.
A reporter investigating the existence of a Gospel written by Jesus himself is found stabbed to death on the island of Salamina while a lawyer and a young girl have gone missing.
In Santorini, the most beautiful of all Greek islands, bodies are piling up fast. Murder after murder, our officers are left puzzled. All the clues are there, but who is the killer?
The Ionian islands. Seven islands, seven bodies. Suicides or foul play?
Ioli’s lack of faith is tested by a boy experiencing stigmata on the island of Kefallonia. Could his marks be for real?
Time is against the two investigators and lives are on the line…
Join Papacosta and Cara on a roller coaster of emotions, death and faith. Follow the trail of mystery across the majestic Greek islands and try to solve the puzzle before the shocking end!

My thoughts:  (don’t worry, I’m not going to give away the plot)

Wow, you’ll find a wealth of great stories here, well-paced and filled with believable characters, beautiful Greek imagery, fascinating insights into Greek culture and some wonderful, humorous touches. Excellent plot twists too – I really didn’t see those coming.
These stories can rival the best-sellers and – to be honest – the book knocks many of the famous names out of the park – an easy style, intense plot-lines, superbly life-like characters and all this against the backdrop of gorgeous Greece and its fascinating history and culture. This book has all of the elements needed for great entertainment – and more.
The author has an excellent knack for storytelling and this made for a very enjoyable read. I sailed through it and then went back for more, reading his first book, “The Olympus Killer” and I wasn’t disappointed there either.
Definitely one to watch and follow.

This is pure entertainment at its very best – and would make a great movie 🙂



Two steps forward, one step back!

Sometimes I can be overambitious, but frequently I become easily distracted.

two-steps-forward-one-step-backIn recent months, it’s been a combination of both – trying to revise a novel (The Nasrid Charm) and participate in a short story collection with precise deadlines has meant that one project has had to be put on the back-burner. So, whilst The Nasrid Charm takes a temporary back seat, the anthology marches on.

Due for publication in June,  I am excited to announce that it is a collection of stories with a summer holiday theme, written by authors from around the world. The stories vary in genre from robots and vampires to ghosts, cats and even penguins. But there is a story for every member of the  family – whatever your taste, there will be something that appeals to you.

Therefore, in spite of my self-imposed procrastination with The Nasrid Charm, this episode of writing short stories is helping me to hone my writing skills and will, naturally, have a positive effect on the revision of my novel.

Progress, however long it takes, is still progress! And this is the right decision for me at this point in time.

Plus, it will be my first proper publication – so that  has to be good – right?