The best news ….

I have just discovered a very talented artist locally who is going to design the cover for The Nasrid Charm.


Until now, this has borne the shabby cloak of a Photoshop accident and will soon be transformed into an image of Picasso-style excellence.

Using these images, the cover will be reborn:

Loja  sorayaring

Now, I have to get cracking on the revisions.

Cover reveal in due course!


Anthology Update: The Fifth Wheel

My second story in the anthology “HOLIDAZED” is a mystery story, with a revenge element.(No surprises there)


The Fifth Wheel sees Fern take a much-needed holiday

It took a great deal of persuasion by Nessa, a colleague of Fern’s, to convince her to take this break.

Whilst the girls do not gel immediately, it is only when Fern disappears that we see the beginnings of new friendships.

Doubts arise about existing relationships and the mystery of Fern’s empty room and sunken wheelchair raise concerns amongst them, particularly when a body is spotted out at sea.

Does she meet a watery end?

The anthology will be available from Amazon in summer 2015. More details will follow on here.

Anthology Update: Faulty Wiring!


Faulty Wiring

is the story of Archie Royle, a dementia sufferer who regales the residents of his retirement home with delightful accounts of his past exploits.

Always able to bring a smile to their faces, storytelling is the only time of the day when Archie sheds the mantel of dementia and glimmers of his old, cheeky self shine through.

The story deals with a holiday to Antarctica – except that it never actually happened.

Witnessed by his daughter, who visits daily just to see him transform into Good Old Dad, the story captivates and enthrals.

But, at a cost!

The collection of Summer Shorts will be released later this month on Amazon, under the name “Holidazed”and you can be sure that it will feature here 🙂