MashUp: Fanfiction style!

Editing got to me this week, and I was making great progress – or so I thought! I was drowning in the ‘this sucks!’ zone and couldn’t see a way out. So, to free my mind I decided to create a mashup story using the submissions of fellow writers in my writing group. Don’t ask me what made me think this – I have no idea – some type of subconscious comparisons of others’ writings with my own. But, hey – who cares? The point is, it was fun!

No need for character creation, naming ormashupcloud development, the settings were already there – I just had to find a plot to unite them. That was the crazy bit!

As we are all somehow linked by the six degrees of separation theory, then there had to be a common thread for six stories.  And, you know what? It didn’t take much thinking about. In no time at all the story was written – it kinda wrote itself – and the time came to present it to the group. Would they be offended? Had I defiled their beloved characters? (WE all know how attached we writers become to our protagonists – and so defensive about their foibles and personality disorders) Would this result in me being ‘evicted’ from the group? Was it worth the risk?

Hell, yeah!

They loved it! Hurrah – and now I’ve found a new release mechanism. They just need to write faster cos I need some new stories to include in my  next ‘fan fiction’ tale.



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