Lacey’s Law: Chick-lit with laughter lines

Lacey's-Law---my-nameI read somewhere that there is a name for this type of story – chick-lit with an older female lead – it’s called Hen-lit or Mature-lit!

Yeah, really! Ugh! Can it sound any less appealing?

So, on that basis, I’m sticking with the Chick-lit tag for grown-ups!

Lacey’s Law has been a distraction project, during those times when The Nasrid Charm was not in the least bit charming to work on. Whilst, at its core lies a revenge plot, the characters and storyline could not be more different. This was a fun exercise, but also testing due to the mix of suspense and humour.

The plan is for this novella to be available to read from March onwards.

Here’s a short summary for anyone who enjoys a revenge mystery with strong female leads and that all-important twist.

Lacey Fielding has it all – her dream job as an architect, a riverside apartment and a burning desire for revenge.

When the truth about her father’s suicide is revealed on her mother’s deathbed, Lacey promises retribution.

Especially since Carla, her best friend of thirty years, stands accused.

Lacey demands a life for a life. But death is not her goal.

First she steals Carla’s husband, then she plots to take away both her liberty and her sanity.

Lacey’s plan is foolproof, that is until an accident challenges her happy ending.

Advanced copies will be made available as ebooks for anyone wishing to read – and hopefully leave a review – from mid-March. You can contact me for details via this blog, Facebook or Twitter (depending where you read this.)

It’s definitely been a move outside of my comfort zone, but one that I would recommend and dabble in again. It’ll probably be called Spent-Hen-Lit by then 🙂



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