I entered a writing competition …

And well, the feedback was rather unexpected – to say the least.

A story I have written for a summer anthology focuses on Dementia – an unlikely topic, I know, but nonetheless there is a link. Trust me.

But that aside, I thought I’d dabble in the world of writing competitions. You know, just to see …

So, I submitted Faulty Wiring and got some remarkable advice.faulty-wiring-tv

First of all, I wasn’t expecting feedback (unless I happened to win, of course, but that doesn’t happen to first-timers, so I just wanted to try out the process.)

But it seems, I got lucky. I didn’t win any prizes, but the feedback itself made it more than worth my time and effort to enter.

Here’s a brief summary:

Many thanks for your submission – which was one of the judge’s favorites, here are some of the assembled notes from them as to their thoughts and feedback:

– A poignant and compelling piece
– Emotional and engagingly written
– Moving narrative of finding grace in difficult situation
– Gripping first sentence
– Gut-wrenching simplicity
– Touching and hopeful

Not bad to start with, eh? But then they suggested another route for my story. Not as a work of fiction, but rather as one of non-fiction:

Faulty Wiring

– is most certainly a piece of writing that many others could understand and identify with and might help others dealing with dementia in their families cope better. A generous and compelling piece of writing that could offer some beauty and hope among the difficulties faced.

– fine writing and a piece that just needs to find the right publishing home for other readers to appreciate. Well-worth some minor revision before publication and submission to journals.

– could be useful imagery to extrapolate on if becomes a larger piece. Might serve to engage other children who’ve thought of their fathers as such and faced similar difficult circumstances.

I hadn’t considered that as an option before. But, why not? If it can help others to understand the disease and show them that no matter how dire the circumstances, one can always find some small pieces of magic to hold on to if you look hard enough.

So, I’m going to review the story, revise the areas suggested and seek out a few journals.

You just never know where your readers might come from, do you?



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