From pantser to plotter in eight weeks?

Yep, that’s the challenge. writers-workshop-button

As a dedicated ‘pantser’ (for that read ‘procrastinator’) the idea of outlining a story is as likely as me eating root vegetables, walking past the chocolate aisle in the supermarket or shutting down Facebook because there’s cleaning to do. You know, it just is never going to happen.

Until now …well, maybe.

The workshop uses elements of screenwriting and organization, which should – hopefully – tie in with my next MOOC that starts on Monday – An Introduction to Screenwriting. 

See, now that’s dedication! Or rather a commitment to nail the outline of my next series – Blackleaf

Assignment one is to draw up a list of at least ten stories (books, movies, even television shows) that have inspired me to write this series.

Here’s mine:

  1. Dickensian (TV series) – old-fashioned, murky setting with detective chasing clues

  2. Death in Paradise (TV series) – geeky detective with idyllic setting in Saint Marie

  3. Suits (TV series) – smart, slick lawyers, arrogant, cool vs over-emotional characters

  4. Midsomer Murders (TV series) – gentle pace, great settings, everyday situations

  5. Sherlock (TV series) – genius, puzzle-solving know-it-all

  6. Endeavour (TV series) – fixed location, intelligent copper with eclectic taste

  7. The Bridge (TV series) – puts together two police forces with differing approaches

  8. White Collar (TV series) – slick, clever art thieves vs the police

  9. The Charity Thieves (Book) – the dark side of ‘charitable’ concerns – fraud, trafficking

  10. The Collector (Book) – a quest to find priceless works of art

  11. Fake or Fortune (TV series) – series determining the provenance of inherited artwork.

  12. FBI website: Gardner Museum theft – the greatest unsolved art heist

All I can say is that I clearly watch way too much TV!

So, it’s time to focus. Can this pantser knuckle down and finally outline her stories?

Two months to change my writing habits sounds like a miracle cure, rather like ‘lose ten pounds a week by removing sugar from your diet’. By the way, that second one isn’t going to happen, but maybe the writing ‘cure’ will. .

Check back for updates … unless I’m stuck in front of the gogglebox , for which I apologise and will now call ‘research’ 🙂



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