First Advanced Review for Lacey’s Law

FirstAdvanced Review(From a reviewer)

I just finished reading Lacey’s Law – it took me only a few hours, as it is a relatively short story, but also one that you can’t put down for a minute. I LOVED it!! It was a great story that kept me hooked from start to finish. I almost wish it was longer because I was so into it and the characters. Even during the slower moments in the book, there was always something keeping you on the edge of your seat. Characterization was very strong and well-developed for such a short book. The writer clearly spent a substantial amount of time with these characters, not putting plot ahead of characterization like you see so often in novellas or other plot-driven books. I particularly enjoyed the interactions between two of the main characters, Lacey and Carla, which if I’m being honest is what drew me into the book to start with. Lacey comes across as very opinionated and someone who isn’t afraid to speak her mind – something I think many women can either identify with or something women wish they could be. So there is an immediate connection. I also sense that she gets a bit impatient when dealing with others. Carla doesn’t quite fit the box Lacey has put her in, I think, and that leads to why their characters both clash and at the same time work so well together for the purposes of the story. Dialogue between them is sometimes laugh out loud hilarious, but also very real. There is a lot of emotional depth and drama in the story as well. Not only with the secret affairs and backstabbing and betrayal and such, but a stark amount of emotional depth to the characters as well. Lacey in particular harbors a lot of pain and resentment and though her actions sometimes seem drastic, she is always relatable on a human level. The readers can put themselves in her shoes and think that, just maybe, they would have acted or reacted the same way. (I know I would! But I’m a bit of a firecracker myself)! As far as the plot itself – wow. So much drama!! I felt like a teenager reading Gossip Girl for the first time again. Of course, it wasn’t just the drama that kept the story moving – it was a combination of drama, characters, and just good storytelling and writing. I wanted to know what happened next and found myself reading late into the night after I should have turned off the lights and gone to bed. Did I mention I read this book in just a single day? I know it’s just novella-length, but still. For someone with a busy schedule like myself, that’s saying a lot. The ending of the book was great. I don’t want to give anything away, because there are a few twists, but I like the resolutions, and how all the ends were tied up very neatly, not leaving questions about any of the many characters. It made for a very happy ending and a satisfying read overall.

and, from me .. EEK! Thank you so much 🙂

If anyone is interested in reading an advanced copy in return for an HONEST review (Good or bad) – please let me know 🙂



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