Pre-release jitters averted with another fab advanced review!

As the release date for Lacey’s Law approaches, so do the nerves, the self-doubt and those little voices in my head.
I was just about to sign up for the next flight to the Moon, or Mars – or even back to Brum – anywhere I could hide, but then I received another fantastic, splendiferous and totally confidence-boosting review.Review2

Check this one out:

 I loved Lacey’s Law.  It is such a unique story and has elements of more than one genre.  It feel like a mystery at times, personal narrative, suspense and romance all into one. You did a fantastic job of story telling.  I included more of a formal write-up below.
The main characters drove me insane in the best way!  These aren’t the typical kind of likeable characters you would love to meet in real life or wish you lived next door to but you just can’t get enough of them either.  I felt like I got to know them very well and my emotions were all over the place.  Sometimes I would understand their motivations completely and I was right there nodding my head with them. Other times I was pulling my hair out wanting to slap some sense into them.  These two emotions kept volleying back and forth, all the while I had a good dose of fear of each one them as well, wondering just how far they were going to take things.  You were able to create all of that with each main character and I found it to be absolutely brilliant!
They also had distinctive voices and flaws, which added depth and believability to the story.
There were a lot of secondary characters along the way as well.  This can sometimes get tricky but I felt yours were well developed and actively influenced the plot.  They were much more than just props to propel the main characters.
Plot and Conflict:
Both internal and external conflicts for your characters were clearly defined throughout the entire story. And most importantly, they felt natural and believable yet always unexpected.  I didn’t find anything that seemed far fetched or pulled me out of the story.  There was a fantastic amount of tension that kept the pages turning.  Every conversation and scene contributed to the story and I wouldn’t take anything out.
The story line twists just kept coming and coming.  You released them at the rate of a magician.  I just wanted to high-five you every time another one was revealed.  The timing and execution was perfect. This is difficult to balance because it becomes overwhelming to the reader if there are too many plot twists or they come too fast to keep track of.  Yours were spot on.  Well done.
Transitions flowed smoothly and I noticed a hook at each chapter ending that made you feel like you wanted to read more.  The pace felt exciting but not so fast it overwhelmed.  There were no spots where it dragged.
It was easy to set your mind into each scene.  The description was there but the characters were always the main focus and that helped to just feel like you were there with them.  I noticed even the characters physical attributes weren’t heavily described.  That is fun as a reader because they just sort come together however you want them to.  I love that.
The dialogue/narrative balance leaned a bit heavier on the narrative at times.  But you did such a good job of making readers feel like they were sitting down with Lacey listening to her story, I would keep the narrative just the way it is..  I’ve never read a book that draws you and connects in such a unique way.  I enjoyed how you added Lacey’s comments to the reader, not just at the beginning but through out the entire book.  It works well.
You stayed in character every time one of them spoke and it flowed so naturally.  I can tell you are either a very experienced writer or just have one heck of a gift for it.
Your book is edited very well.  I didn’t find a single mechanical error through out the entire story.
Additional Comments:
This is a book that just feels impossible to set down once you’ve started.  It kept me guessing the entire time.
Please let me know if you have any questions or would like me to clarify something above.  I would be happy to beta read for your work in the future.  Best of luck as you wrap things up for publishing.
Thanks Amanda – you have made my day (and saved me the cost of a flight to oblivion!)

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