Giants are welcome too!

Many years ago, my very first Internet provider was TinyWorld in the UK.
This led to many jokes – you know the ones:
“Hire cars are no good for short people.”
“You’ve got to hand it to short people…Well, they can’t reach for themselves, can they?”
and so on.

Anyway, here I am now, writing the occasional story and someone in marketing decided I needed a mailing list.
Rather than following the crowd I found one that suits me down to the ground (yeah, okay, so maybe I’m closer to the ground than you are … but, bear with me)
My mailing is provided by TinyLetter and is super easy, even if very basic. Well, it’s not like I’m going to get loads of subscribers, am I’ And if it keeps the marketing guru quiet for a while, who am I to argue?

So, there you have it.
You can subscribe to my newsletter here and I’ll keep you posted about new stories, writing ideas, giveaways and promotions.

By the way, it’s not just for shorties. I mean, we shouldn’t discriminate,short should we? It’s not their fault they took longer to reach perfection.


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