Still hanging on in there

Better late than never, but I’m happy to report that progress in week two was even greater than expected.


  • Another 6k written on Courting Danger
  • Reached the 15 review milestone on Amazon for The Fifth Wheel
  • 3 books read and reviewed

But, best of all – i can see the end and I LOVE where this WIP is going.

The Blackleaf Agency Series is not far away now.


On a more sober note, the story I’m plotting – yes, plotting – for  the prompt series is taking me down one of my most favourite path:

The one labelled


and so I’ve registered for a course to see how medical treatments are discovered, tested and evalua

ted. You could say I’m researching the researchers 🙂

Anyway, enough clues to the topic of the story!

Until next week.



Week One went SO well



Here’s a quick update on my goal to write 500 words a day.

Week One went SO well – mission accomplished each day and often exceeded.

Weekly total stands at 6380 words written. I know word count shouldn’t be  the only criterion by which to measure progress, so looking at this another way:

Courting Danger – 4 chapters fleshed out, holes plugged and the end is in sight.


Scene 1 of a new story, using a series of prompts from The Writer’s Workout, completed.

Fingers crossed week two is as productive.


Focus – I can do this.

So many of us – and I include myself in that number – make New Year’s Resolutions with the intention of being fitter or smarter. But, as is often the case, these plans fall by the wayside long before January is out. So, this year I’m reassessing my goals and breaking them down into manageable chunks. focus

The plan is to write at least 500 words a day with the ultimate goal of finishing the three part-written manuscripts that are taking up valuable space in my head. These stories all have a significance to me, so I can’t merely brush them aside and move on to pastures new.

However, that doesn’t mean to say that fresh ideas have no place in my life this year. Indeed they do. But that place is more structured this time, less of the ‘I threw this little story together ‘ type of whim and more of the ‘I have a definitive plan of action’ solution. I’m following a prompt series, that will allow me to write freely once a week about a new set of characters.  This, I hope, will satisfy that craving and will result in a collection of scenes that can be rearranged – eventually – into a novella of their own.

Oh, and, just for fun (well, sort of  – in a really crazy definition of the word) this accountability will keep me on track to being a more productive writer rather than a ‘busy doing nothing of any importance’ procrastinator.