Finding Eva – my Camp Nano project

With the edits of Courting Danger underway, the story moves on and Finding Eva finding-evawill be my Camp NaNo project for April.

This story follows a personal path for the new investigators and runs parallel to their first ‘paid’ assignment as the newly-formed Blackleaf Agency.

Juggling the setting up of a new business and the need to find clients is no mean feat. Yet, they cannot turn their friend down and promise to do everything they can to find baby Eva.

No sooner do they set to work than their first ‘real’ case also adds itself to their workload. Their struggle to keep everyone happy is compounded further still when the background to the case reveals it’s more than a simple theft.

When a painting is stolen from the safe of a guest at a local hotel, Raven & Fern are charged with tracking it down.

Their investigations into The Stolen Countess stolensoon uncover a fractured family tree, a will written under duress and clues linking the painting back to the notorious WWII art thefts during Nazi-occupied Europe.

Have they taken on too much?

Will friendship triumph over business?

Head or heart?



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