It’s challenge time.

Spring has sprung here and with it the need for new stories, or rather offshoots of current ones 🙂

Starting next Wednesday, March 15 the season of writing challenges begins.

First up – the 100 day Novel writing challenge – where the aim is to complete a first and second draft by June 23rd. 

I’m hoping to complete the first draft of a subplot “The Stolen Countess” by then. It’s the first case for the Blackleaf Agency girls and I’m outlining it right now. Yes … you read that right – I – as in me – am OUTLINING right now. That has to be some kind of first, right?

Then April sees the first Camp NanoWrimo of 2017

– where I’ll be working on the second subplot, “Finding Eva” which deals with the girls from Blackleaf helping out a friend in need. (I can’t say any more as this story begins in my next release – Courting Danger – and I don’t want to spoil the surprise)


The two stories will merge to form a complete novel, the working title being “Heirlooms & Heiresses”, which is likely to released around next Christmas / New Year.

On top of these, the Writer’s Games open for registration on March 15th too, and I expect to spend my weekends in May/June scribbling away for those.

All in all, a few hectic months of writing new stories, developing new plots and investigating new genres with the Games.

It’s going to be fun! (I think 🙂 )



2 thoughts on “It’s challenge time.

  1. Wow Lynne, I am impressed! Well done you, and especially well done for the outline planning!! I am more of a ‘make it up as it goes along’ kinda gal! I’m thinking I should take a leaf (perhaps a blackleaf) out of your book! Please keep us posted 😊

    1. Thanks. Nicole – I’m not a planner usually either, but pantsing has been so time-intensive that I thought I’d give it a go. Now, staying on track will be a whole different matter 🙂

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