A is for … The Algarve

The Algarve, Portugal’s southernmost province, is the setting for my prequel, The Fifth Wheel, and the main story, Courting Danger, which is to be released this summer. With a mild climate, warmer water and a calmer sea than the rest of Portugal, it’s the perfect holiday destination.


Or so the girls thought.

Well, you would too – wouldn’t you?

With a stunning villa at their disposal, sandy beaches surrounded by towering sandstone cliffs, fabulous restaurants —even grabbing a few sardines on the beach is a gourmet experience for the taste buds—superb shopping and a host of bars and activities, this was meant to be a holiday bar none.

Which, indeed it was. But in all the wrong ways.

Most of us are not the desired prey of a manipulative psychopath, intent on making his victim suffer—and ultimately die.

Fern Mortimer is the target.

Jorge wants her dead.

Amidst the beautiful scenery and mouthwatering meals, the sunshine casts its shadows upon a deadly deed.

The Fifth Wheel – a Prequel is a suspenseful thriller in short story form, setting the scene  for the main event.

Fern Mortimer has mastered the art of being invisible.
Since a hit and run accident five years ago left her wheelchair-bound, she has become a recluse in her parents’ home.
After finally venturing back into the real world, she struggles to make friends and trust anyone. Getting the nickname of The Ice Queen at her new place of work does little to build her confidence.
However, one young woman, Nessa Sullivan, sees through Fern’s mask and is determined to be her friend. A mission that only months later sees Fern joining Nessa and three others on a well-deserved and much-needed holiday to the Portuguese Algarve.
During the holiday, Fern is seduced by a handsome restaurant manager, raising her mood and her hopes of a romantic entanglement whilst also robbing her of her usual common sense and sound judgement.

So, why is her wheelchair now lying capsized in the infinity pool and a body is spotted out at sea?
Where is Fern Mortimer?

The Fifth Wheel is a prequel to Courting Danger and The Blackleaf Agency Series

If this whets your appetite, you can get your copy here.

Alternatively, take a trip to the Algarve and enjoy this beautiful resort for yourself.

Murder is not on the itinerary—unless you’re a reader 🙂


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