F is for … Fern Mortimer

Character Profile

Name: Fern Mortimer

Age: 24 (turns 25 before the trial in Courting Danger)

Description: Blond, slim, 5’5, blue eyes

Distinguishing features: Wheelchair-bound following a hit and run accident 5 years ago (although she can walk a few steps, but only a few)

Lives: In Framleigh (a fictional village) in Warwickshire, England with her parents and her Pomeranian, Dougall

Loves: Besides her parents and Dougall, she is a shoe-a-holic, preferably Louboutins; she enjoys reading and watching movies. Visiting libraries, museums and galleries – anywhere she can avoid social niceties and chitchat. Generally prefers small, intimate groups and loves classical music and her soft-top car. Drinks coffee, Horlicks and Tia Maria with coke (not all at once)

Dislikes: Water (as in the sea and swimming pools);Time-wasters, moaners, people who want everything done for them. People who park in disabled bays when they have no right to. Hates root vegetables, camomile tea and olives. Oh, and not forgetting water, water and water!

Profession: Was an accountant at Hann & Merrie (after studying with the OU during her recovery period) before the ‘watery incident’, but since the trial she has been training to be a PI to join her friend Raven in The Blackleaf Agency.

Family: Mum (Mary)– is always in garden tending to plants and herbs. Cooks a lot. Dad (Stan) —suffers back pain from bending over car bonnets all his life. Makes car kits. Good at DIY. Both worry constantly about her and have sacrificed much to be her support network when she hid herself away from her former friends and lifestyle. Dog (Dougall) – is three years old, loves cheesy triangles and afternoon naps.


In summary:

Fern is stubborn and fiercely independent. She’s quick thinking, reactive, positive (most of the time), cautious not reckless, considered. But she is also reclusive and retreats into her shell when she’s uncomfortable in large groups. Yet she is undeniably loyal to the end. She has a kind heart, wants to help but fears being taken for granted.

She has nightmares, relating to drowning and won’t seek help. Water scares the hell out of her (you got that, didn’t you?) She has few friends since her own self-enforced hermitage, but has grown very close to Raven now. She wants to be taken seriously, but is risk-averse. She doesn’t handle change well and over-analyses everything, which frequently leads to missed opportunities.


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