Book Review – Artful Deception

For once, a book that I can’t yet rate on Amazon, but about which I have to write. Four stars from me 🙂
Artful Deception by Peggy Speer is a delightful suspense tale wrapped in a huddle of cosy characters. It’s a feel-good story mixed with plenty of tension as the main characters – a motley bunch, to say the least – come together to unravel an odd newspaper advertisement and in doing so find themselves in unexpected danger.

I read this in just a few days, surprised at how quickly the pages flew by. Initially, the story had a rather sluggish start as the characters were revealed, but once they joined forces the plot simply took off.

I will definitely read more by this author – Peggy Speer – and look forward to her next offering. My copy was obtained through Net Galley and this review is entirely voluntary.

Here’s a brief summary of what is coming your way soon (publication date is set for May 9th) :

When Frank Cunningham entered old age, it was with self-assurance, a plan, and a secret. To anyone looking, he seems to have all the answers. Then, Sara, a blue-haired, pierced coed, stumbles into his life. But like Frank, Sara isn’t the stereotype she seems. She too is hiding a secret, and it soon threatens to unravel her life at the seams. In nearby Deer Creek, Frank’s widowed sister-in-law, Jessie, has her own unsettling encounter, one that leaves her feeling uncharacteristically fearful and suspicious. But when an odd art gallery and its mysterious proprietor suddenly appear in town, the three fall into an unlikely alliance and delve deep into an investigation more dangerous than they ever imagined possible.

In Artful Deception, Peggy Spear weaves a cozy mystery with unconventional leads, contrasting the confidences and vulnerabilities of two seniors as they attempt to solve a mystery, guide a troubled young woman, and grapple with the consequences of distrust and greed.


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