L is for … The Language Barrier

Who doesn’t love a foreign accent? Add to that an exotic location, whether it’s a sun-soaked beach resort or the heart of a vibrant city, oozing culture, then I’m hooked already.

As a linguist, I love hearing different languages around me and as a result, I crave foreign settings for my characters.  Which is why I base my stories in Europe – places I’ve visited and can relate to. Of course, that means incorporating language relative to the area as well as customs and – not forgetting – food!

Naturally, these elements also allow for misdirection and misunderstandings that can create all sorts of havoc for my characters.

In the end, though, it is our commonality that I hope to show. While variety is the spice of life, we all want the raw ingredients to blend together well.

Courting Dangers takes place primarily in Portugal, while the spin-off series featuring the Blackleaf agency will travel across northern Europe, into Holland and Germany.  Already, I’m salivating at the cultural and edible choices awaiting me 🙂

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