N is for … Nessa Sullivan

Character Profile

Name: Nessa Sullivan

Age: 25

Description: Redhead, 5’7, slender build

Lives: In Portugal, in a rented villa near the remand centre where her boyfriend, Stefan, currently resides. Formerly from Framleigh (a fictional village) in Warwickshire, England. Before moving to Portugal she lived in a city flat with her friend Jane.

Loves: Talking, chatting and gossip. She’s a very sociable girl, outgoing and bubbly. Fond of animal prints. Always seeks out people who seem shy and insecure and has a warm and inviting nature. She loves food – especially the dishes she is now enjoying in Portugal, her favourites being anything with olives, wine or pastry. She’s very close to Raven and Mrs Hegarty, and was a regular visitor during her fifteen year friendship with Raven. She is hugely supportive of Stefan, but admits to being easily led by men in the past.

Dislikes: Decaffeinated coffee, snobs and pretentious people. She is easily bored in any group discussing politics and economics. She doesn’t take life too seriously and glides along in her own bubble. Hates being taken for granted, but is not always aware of being manipulated.

Profession: Was a payroll manager at Hann & Merrie, but since moving to Portugal she is living off her meagre savings  while she waits for Stefan to be released.

Family: Little is known of her family, other than her mother was not the most enduring figure in her life. After school she went straight to university and has lived independently ever since.

In summary:

Nessa is a popular, friendly young woman with a huge heart. She wants to be everyone’s friend and hates being on the opposing side to her best friend, Raven. She can be gullible but also will exert her own will when she feels under pressure. She yearns for a family of her own and has fallen in and out of love too many times to count.

She suffers from self-doubt and low self-esteem, and often convinces herself that she is not lovable or worthy of affection. This leads to her come across as needy at times and blind to the faults of those closest to her. However, when pushed to her limits, she has a ferocious temper and will defend those cares about to the end.



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