Readers can make a difference

Yes, we can.

To prove it, I shall make a prediction.

By the end of this month (June 2017) The House on Candlewick Lane

by Amy Reade will be a bestseller.

And here’s an excerpt to show you why I have so much faith in this book:

I left the cathedral and was returning slowly to the flat through Princes Street Gardens when I got the feeling someone was watching me. Wheeling around, I was just in time to see movement behind a grouping of trees nearby. I was suddenly afraid. Looking around for other people, I noticed for the first time that I was quite alone in the gardens. Only a few tourists strolled the grounds in the distance. No busy corporate types were taking a shortcut through the gardens to their next meeting. No lovers, no students, no children.
Just the person behind the trees.
Trying to pick up my pace, I limped along through the gardens, looking ahead to the closest route back to the street. But I wasn’t fast enough. Someone grabbed my elbow and jerked me around.
I gasped. The man wore a plastic, tan-colored mask, but I could tell it was the person who had pushed me in the cathedral. His trench coat was still tied tightly around him. I felt my eyes widen and I knew instantly that he was no stranger to the fear staring back at him.
“What do you want?” I demanded, hoping he would mistake my loud tone for bravado.
“Where is he?” the man growled.
“Who?” I asked, bewildered.
“You know who. Where is he?”
I shook my head. “You’ve mistaken me for someone else,” I said, trying to ease my arm from his grip.
“Oh, no I haven’t. We know he’s here in Edinburgh. Tell me where he is or when we find him—and we will find him—we’ll make sure you never see your daughter again.”

Yikes! How exciting, scary, tense … was that?

Get your copy here and I’m sure you’ll join me in thinking this book needs bestseller status.

Let’s do it!

It’s on sale at only 99c right now, so there’s never been a better time to enjoy the delights of Scotland all wrapped up in a humdinger of a suspense story.




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