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Meet Mr Memoir

It takes a skillful wordsmith to tell a personal story with integrity, wit and honesty. My friend and author Rod Baker has such a talent.
I’ve been reading excerpts of his soon-to-be-released book “Um, where is Belize?” and I can guarantee there is indeed a treat in store for readers.

If you’re not familiar with Rod’s work, let me tell you a little about the main man (in his own words):

I grew up in small town England. Like many teens I was bored with life and decided to leave home and go to sea. At age sixteen, I joined the British merchant navy as a deck hand. It wasn’t quite what I thought it would be, but then nothing ever is. My first book, Constant Traveller R8011768, is about those adventures.

In 1968, aged 21, I immigrated to Canada and worked as a mate on a tugboat. The tugboat sank and was run over by a barge in the Haida Gwai islands. I decided to change careers and worked as a shipwright, businessman, College instructor, and CEO for mental health organizations.

I could never decide what to be. Now retired, I am trying my hand as a writer. I live in Lions Bay, British Columbia with my partner, Anna, and dog Fargo, who takes me for walks between bouts of writing.

You can read more about Rod’s experiences on the high seas in the 1960s in his book “The Constant Traveller – R801168”

 Reviews so far call it:

“a captivating story from start to finish”

“a damn good read”

“round the world on a merchant ship at 16”

“an excellent debut book”

and my particular favourite, “The first part of a remarkable life.” You can get a copy here

But that’s not all Mr Memoir has to offer. Oh no. siree! Book number 2  tells the story of his life running a boat repair shop.  “I need my yacht by Friday” is an apt title for the story that covers twenty years.

As a recent immigrant to Canada, I had completed an apprenticeship as a shipwright and found a good paying job in the shipyard, which allowed me to buy a three-bedroom house house for my growing family. Three weeks before Christmas, the foreman at the shipyard gave me one hour’s notice that I was laid off. I found piecemeal work to help pay the mortgage — then decided to go into business repairing boats. I rented a large warehouse, brought a chair from home, made a desk from a door and bought a brown manila envelope to put receipts in. I Need My Yacht by Friday, is the story of what happened next.

Reviews confirm that this is more than just a boat book. If you like messing about on boats or just want a great read about the challenges of setting up a business, then this is the book for you.

Get it here

To follow Rod’s progress with his next memoir, you can track him down on his website here.

You can be sure of an entertaining, funny, mind-boggling read. Sometimes, you’ll never believe it’s not fiction!

Thanks, Rod, for letting me share your writer’s life here.

Wishing you lots of success with many, many more books.


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