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Geeking out – for a change!

I’m taking a break from all things bookish to share a couple of fun moments that happened this week.

So, please, join me on the time out bench. Bring a cushion and a cuppa.

First up, did you catch Lego Masters on Channel 4?

Wow!! What those guys can do with Lego bricks is amazing. You need to be part architect, part designer and part visionary to get even close to their masterpieces. I loved Lego as a child, and Legoland in Denmark is definitely on my bucket list. Yeah, none of that dangerous stuff for me – I’m a simple thing 🙂

Can you believe this Chinese banquet is made of Lego?

and what about these cute cubs?

The finalists’ entries were completely out of this world, with a lush landscape filled with gnomes on one side and an adult / inner child battle on the other. The piece-de-resistance for me was the functioning typewriter. It types faster than I do!

If you did miss it – and you’re a Lego lover – then check it out on All 4 now. It gives Bake-Off a run for its money, although unfortunately Lego is not edible. It really isn’t, so please don’t try that banquet for real.

After Lego Masters comes another favourite of mine – and this one is edible.

But what comes with it now is a test kit to see if you have the gene – the Marmite gene! 

As a ‘loud-and-proud’ Marmite lover, this needed more investigation. Being the geek I am, I did download the PDF document to explain the research too. I won’t share it with you here, but suffice to say, it’s pretty thorough 😉

To keep it brief, you can get the gene test kit to see if you’re a lover or a hater.  Really – you can. Check this out if you don’t believe me.  The Marmite Gene Project

But, if that doesn’t float your boat, how about this: As part of Marmite’s Gene Project,  they have developed a bespoke web app named TasteFace. Using  facial recognition technology,  the app claims  to tell if the Marmite eater pulls a face of enjoyment or disgust while eating Marmite.

So, will you give it a go? Are you are lover or a hater?

Thanks for reading and escaping the book world with me for a while.

If I find myself back in the real world, I’ll see you there soon 🙂