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Sealed with a bite!

Sam Donovan is no ordinary man.

He likes his meat rare for a reason.

It’s a reason that may well ruin his relationship with Joyce … and it could be the death of him.

“Fangs in the moonlight” is a tense romance from Felicia Denise.

Originally posted on Felicia Denise, Author: #52weeks52stories – Week 1 Prompt: “fangs in the moonlight” Word count – 3556 This can’t be happening. This isn’t real. Joyce Camp crouched on the ground shivering, despite the humid July night. Sam is playing some sort of trick on me. A prank. He’ll laugh any minute and yell,…

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Casualty of Court – Annie interviews Raven

Once again, Annie Skillsett, recruitment manager extraordinaire, is in the chair for this series of interviews.

Today, the character under scrutiny is Raven Hegarty.

Aged 26, Raven is a former trainee policewoman, newly qualified as a Private Investigator (as well as enduring – her words, not mine – a smattering of awful part-time jobs in between)

She joins Fern in Portugal, primarily to support her throughout the trial. However, having just completed her PI training, she’s tentative about starting up on her own. She could do with Fern’s business background to help her, but is nervous about Fern’s potential response – at least while the trial is underway.

Shush, now, the interrogation has begun. Annie invites Raven to take a seat, then sits opposite her, pushing those trendy glasses of hers back onto her nose. She’s ready.

AS: Good afternoon. I’ll get straight to it, if you don’t mind. Lots to do today.

(Raven nods, and gulps back the lump forming  in her throat. Annie is taking no prisoners today)

AS: You’ve had a varied career path to date: the police force, supermarket cashier/shelf stacker and now a PI. What brought about the changes? It strikes me as though you’re yoyoing through life.

RH: Not at all. I’m very focused on my current career path. I always wanted to be a policewoman, and loved every minute of my time as a trainee. Unfortunately, my mother was taken ill and needed me at home. I took part-time jobs to pay the bills, working night shifts whenever possible. The PI business will allow me to work from home more, and besides we have a care provider in place to look after Mum now.

AS: What makes you think you’ll make a good PI?

RH: I’ve been told I have an unhealthy reaction to anything that is unjust, unfair or downright wrong. The PI agency will feed that part of me which strives for fairness, rules and law and order.

AS: What qualities do you think you need to make a success of this? Do you have them or are you a work in progress?

RH: I have the appropriate mindset and my people skills are pretty good. I’m a good listener, supportive and willing to roll up my sleeves and get stuck in. On the business side, I admit the paperwork involved will be my biggest nightmare, but I have plans to join forces with someone more skilled in that area.

(AS scribbles notes: plans ahead – I like that)

AS: What training have you undertaken?

RH: I completed my PI training recently, looking at investigation methods, client relations, statement taking, court procedures, surveillance and recording …

AS: Yes, I get the gist. Aside from your PI training, what have you done?

RH: Well, I’m taking my Taekwondo proficiency exam soon. Self defence is important to me.  I’ll be starting an OU program later in the year, studying Art History – I’d like to specialise in art crime and antiquities.

(AS looks up from her notes, quizzical, then puts pen to paper again: is this a whim? How serious is she?)

AS: So, given your interest in the law and justice, what is your take on the trial ahead?

RH: It’s a foregone conclusion in my mind. Stefan used a fake identity to seduce Fern. Why do that unless he has something to hide? No, he threw her overboard and fled the scene. Guilty is the only possible verdict.

AS: What about his girlfriend – she was a friend of yours, wasn’t she?

(Raven’s face reddens)

RH: She was, but we haven’t spoken since. She brought him into our lives. Whether she knew what he had planned or not, she has to take some of the blame. Maybe not in a legal sense, but morally …

(AS returns to her notebook, noting Raven’s instant fierceness: Loyal, focused, solidly on Fern’s side, but shows signs of weakness where Nessa is concerned.)

AS: Where do you see your career heading in, say 5 years?

(Raven relaxes in her seat before answering)

RH: I aim to have a thriving business, maybe even a few employees of my own too. I will make a success of this, Ms Skillsett, trust me, I will.

AS: Do those closest to you support you?

RH: Most definitely. My mum is my staunchest supporter; I know she just wants me to be happy, and that she’s wary of me getting into any scrapes. She reckons I’m hot-headed at times (she laughs). My boyfriend, Quinn, is most supportive also, encouraging me all the way. I’m very lucky to have them both in my life.

AS:  Well, I wish you luck in your endeavours. That will be all. Thank you, Miss Hegarty. (She gestures for Raven to leave. The young woman bids her goodbye and exits the room, leaving Annie to complete her notes)


Summary: this young lady is a fighter, strong-willed and ambitious. Can be emotional, especially concerning family and loved ones.I have to agree with her mother, there is a touch of anger brewing beneath the surface there.

Next time, Nessa is in the hot seat.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Casualty of Court is available to pre-order now as an ebook, releasing March 21st 2018. Click here to view on Amazon

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