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Casualty of Court – Another doubter for CeeCee

CeeCee has invited us once more to her Inner Sanctum, hoping to have a better experience than the previous one she had with Fern. Still a little upset by the young woman’s abrupt and hurtful comments, she intends to pull out all the stops to impress Raven. She has chosen her outfit with this in mind (chiffon scarves aplenty, harem pants and a sparkly cropped top with a tad too much flesh on show, finished off with a sateen turban studded with an oversized, plastic gemstone)

Unfortunately, CeeCee doesn’t do ‘understated’ and is a founder member of the ‘more is more’ brigade! She has a job on her hands, trust me. Raven is unlikely to be swayed by CeeCee’s colourful and theatrical garb. Still, you can’t blame CeeCee for trying.

Here she comes now.  Brace yourself. Good Luck, CeeCee.

CD: Come in, come in. Take a seat. My, aren’t you a pretty thing?

(Raven shrugs and gives an awkward smile)

CD: So, welcome to my world. this is a place of safety, Raven. You’ll come to no harm here.  Today, you’ll be the sitter, and I will communicate your questions with the help of my Spirit Guide – Blanche. You have chosen to connect with those who have gone before, your father, I believe?

RH: That’s right. My dad’s name is Mark. Mark Hegarty.

(Raven’s eyes twinkle at the mention of his name)

CD: Do you have any concerns about the future that you feel he can help with?

RH: Oh, there are so many things I’d like to know. But, to be truthful, just knowing he’s there, watching over me …that’s enough, you know?

(CeeCee bows her head, validating the sentiment)

CD: I understand. But, hopefully, I can offer you much more than that. Now, what would you like to ask him? I can only ask him three questions – time constraints, you understand?

RH: Is he here already?

CD: Not yet, your question first, then Blanche will go and find him.

RH: Can you prove it’s him though? I mean, should I ask him something only he will know the answer to?

(CeeCee shudders, a little put out at being asked for proof)

CD: Trust me, it will be him. So, your first question then?

RH: Ask him what he thinks about my art course.

CD: That’s a strange question. Are you sure?

RH: I am. It’s the sort of thing we used to talk about all the time.

(CeeCee places her hands – palms down – on the table and rotates her upper body. Her eyes remain glassy and fixed. Then her head droops forward and she mumbles incoherently before adopting a rasping voice)

CD (via Blanche): He says you should go for it. Enjoy it.

(CeeCee pauses, lifts her gaze to Raven. Her stare is intense, lasting several seconds, before she breaks free to become ‘herself’ once more)

(Raven’s shoulder quake as she tries to stifle the laughter consuming her)

(A Hollywood smile fills CeeCee’s face)

Does she not realise how ridiculous she looks?

CD (in her own voice): Your next question?

(A wheeze escapes Raven’s lips and she coughs to cover the involuntary spasm induced by giggling)

RH: That voice? What was it?

CD: Not what, my child – who? That was Blanche, my spirit guide, as I mentioned.

RH: Well, she needs to stop smoking.  (Raven snorts and immediately shoves her hand to her mouth and bites the knuckle of her little finger) How can you swap voices so readily? Aren’t you supposed to be in the zone?

(CeeCee purses her lips)

CD:  I’ll have you know I have years of experience, my skills should not be doubted so. Your second question please.

RH: Okay, okay. Ask Dad if Mum will be alright?

CD: Oh no, no, no. I can’t ask him that. Health questions are strictly forbidden, unless … Was your father a doctor? (Her tone is harsh and accusatory)

(Raven shakes her head)

CD: I thought not. Another question?

RH: Can he tell me how the trial will end?

CD: So, he was a judge?

(Raven shakes her head again)

CD: Then I guess he cannot, although he may have some advice.

RH: Ask that then.

Raven sounds fed up, I think she’s losing interest and faith in CeeCee’s abilities. Can’t say I blame her. 

(CeeCee slips into her Blanche persona – although she’s not fooling anybody but herself)

CD (in Blanche’s throaty voice – less rasping than previously): It won’t end with the trial.

RH: What won’t end with the trial?

CD: There is more trouble to come. The trial is not the end of this matter.

RH: Okay, I think I understand. You aren’t really communicating with anyone. These answers are just vague attempts at creating drama where there is none. It’s a show, a piece of theatre. Ms Dedmann, I’ve had enough. You can end this charade now.

(CeeCee jolts upright and leans across the desk)

CD: I beg your pardon? You have the audacity to call me a fake!

RH: It was a nice thought, I wish it had been possible, but I simply don’t believe in this clap-trap. I appreciate your efforts, but really …the whole situation is farcical. I’ll be on my way.

(CeeCee is left open-mouthed as Raven gets up and walks away. Several minutes pass before she is able to complete her notes)

Summary: Such a sceptic. Not even willing to believe. The girl lulled me into thinking she’s a pleasant, good-natured soul, but …well, I’m not as gullible as she thinks. And, to think, she accused me of putting on a show. I think we all know who the actress was here today – and it wasn’t CeeCee Dedmann!


Oops! CeeCee didn’t take that very well, did she? Unfortunately, with both Raven and Fern finding fault with her abilities then it’s up to Detective Hugh Dunnitt to decide whether or not CeeCee is allowed to continue with her ‘interviews’.

I’ll catch up with him tomorrow.

I was so looking forward to a meeting between CeeCee and Nessa too.


Thanks for reading 🙂

Casualty of Court is available to pre-order now as an ebook, releasing March 21st 2018. Click here to view on Amazon

In the meantime, you can read The Fifth Wheel – A Prequel now and find out what happened last summer.


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