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In defence of … Lacey Fielding

Who? You might ask.

Lacey was my first protagonist to meet the public, yet she is also the one who has had the least attention. As the key player in Lacey’s Law (incidentally my most downloaded and, at the same time, least-reviewed book) she is a character close to my heart. But, for some reason, many have said she’s unlikable (which is an unfortunate comment to hear given she’s the character most like me in so many ways).

It’s has always amazed me how reviewers have been so quick to criticise her. Granted, at the outset, her desire for revenge is almost an obsession. But, without giving away the ending, things take an unexpected twist, turning her life upside down – again. This time, she acts with more maturity (about time, given she’s no spring chicken!) and her actions prove she’s not a total bitch.

So, I can see how reviewers might not take to her, but I feel they don’t give a chance before condemning her. I think, for some, there’s a moral judgement made that often leaves Lacey looking like the villain. Okay, her behaviour at times is inexcusable; she doesn’t claim to be an angel, but nor is she the devil in disguise.

She has been hurt. She’s grieving and in shock. She hits back. Literally!

Strangely enough, other readers who have spoken to / contacted me personally have said they understand her and end up rooting for her in the end. Sadly, these readers rarely leave a review 😦  (Hey, you can lead a horse to water …)

Anyway, I’m going to let Lacey introduce herself, and you can decide for yourself. But, I’ll warn you – she’s no Doris Day.

Lacey’s Law 

Beware the fury of a patient woman.

I’m Lacey Fielding and I have a score to settle.

I had everything I’d ever wanted: my dream job,

a riverside apartment, a great life.

Until …

Eight years ago I learned the truth behind my father’s death.

And it wasn’t pretty.

I mean, revenge was inevitable.

Carla Sommers, a ‘friend’ of thirty years, was my target.

After stealing her husband, I was about to confess

when my plan took an unexpected, yet delightfully

delicious turn, putting Carla’s liberty and her sanity at stake.

I was having so much fun … until an ironic shift in circumstances

challenged and changed my ‘happy’ ending.


Yep, she’s definitely got a touch of the Alexis Carrington about her, minus the shoulder pads and big hair. But, the clues are there – an ironic shift in circumstances – well, that’s an understatement.

Lacey & Carla met a university; they were polar opposites in every way. But Carla enjoyed having Lacey around, and when it was just the two of them, they got along marvellously. So well, in fact, Carla was a frequent visitor to Lacey’s home, albeit in a much less affluent area. Carla became the friend Lacey had always yearned for, the best friend she had dreamt of and couldn’t quite believe she had finally found.

After university, everything changed. Both took different paths, and despite countless attempts to contact Carla, Lacey found herself back on familiar territory – all on her lonesome. She threw herself into her work, becoming quite the successful architect. Headhunted by a big London firm, she headed for the Big Smoke where an illustrious career awaited her.

It was here she met up with Carla again and they rekindled their friendship. This time, Lacey was on an even keel with Carla, who had married and devoted her life to her husband and son.

Or so it seemed.

The truth remained buried for a long time, a very long time – until Lacey’s mother died.

As I said, Lacey was grieving, but the shocking secret that followed took the bottom out of her world.

Revenge was inevitable.

As for Carla … she had it coming!

And, so Lacey’s Law was born. In her shoes, how would you react? If nothing else, her story makes for great debate. 

I love her, but then again, I would, wouldn’t I?

Her story is told with love, humour and a wee bit of sarcasm, and is best read with a cup of tea and a packet of chocolate biscuits.

Of course, there are dogs in there, too – I told you how alike we are 😉

Thank you for reading 🙂

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