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Casualty of Court – CeeCee finds her feet

After a tough few days, having engaged in plenty of self-evaluation, CeeCee is ready to get back to work. Replenished by mindful meditation and yoga, she senses a turning point ahead. Gone are the theatrical costumes; today she wears a soft cream jumpsuit with a wide, tan leather belt that matches the scarf holding back her unruly red curls. This is not the CeeCee we know and love, but a business-like young woman with a point to make.

Let’s hope she hasn’t taken this transformation too far.

Whilst, CeeCee has modified her appearance, the room – although muted – still alludes to her earlier self. Back are the chiffon drapes (yellow rather than pink) and the incense sticks (this time emitting a musky scent to restore balance and order), along with soft-lighting giving the room an altogether sunnier feel.

She seems to have a plan in mind.

Nessa arrives, sniffing the air appreciatively. CeeCee gets up to greet her, as though recognising a kindred spirit, and embraces her visitor, who hugs her back.

NS: This room looks so inviting. I love what you’ve done with it.

CD: It was so dull. How Annie coped, I’ll never know. Please, sit.  You seem nervous.

NS: I am a little apprehensive.

CD: Why, you’re shaking like a leaf. Is everything alright?

NS: Not really, I’m worried for Stefan – he’s not guilty, of course, but even so, you hear stories of innocent people getting locked up all the time.

CeeCee scribbles something on a notepad. This is so not like her, but at least Det. Hugh Dunnitt won’t be able to criticise her again.

CD: You wanted a crystal ball reading, didn’t you?

NS (she nods) Yes, please. I’m anxious to know what my future holds. Well, I think I want to know. Oh, I’m not sure … I’m sorry, CeeCee

CD: Well, do you have a particular question in mind?

NS: Not really. You see, I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve seen a clairvoyant in the past, at the end of the pier in Great Yarmouth, and she just gazed into the crystal ball and told me I’d meet a tall, dark and handsome man. (She chuckles) I reckon she was right, well, almost. Stefan is fair, you see, but oh so handsome and tall. two out of three isn’t bad.

Maybe the ‘dark’ aspect of Stefan doesn’t relate to his hair colour. Just saying! I do wonder what’s going through CeeCee’s mind right now, though.

NS: You’re not exactly what I envisaged either. Much more modern, and more … normal?

CeeCee laughs.

I think she took that as a compliment, don’t you?

CD: Hmm, I see. You probably need more time to think about your questions. Are you sure you don’t want to contact anyone from your past. ….someone no longer with us?

NS: No, there’s no one. Unless you know something I don’t. Mother was still alive last I heard, as for father ….whoever he may be.

CeeCee looks shocked, and hastily notes something down.

CD: I’ll take a quick look then, shall I? Can you flick the light switch off, please? (She lights the candles, and draws the candelabra closer)

Nessa jumps up, turns the lights off and takes her seat. The glow from the candles seems to put her at ease, and she exhales softly.

NS: Oh, dear. Is the ball cracked? Is that a bad omen?

CD: No, no, no, it’s fine.  These marks – cracks, as you say – are better for clairvoyance, especially in a natural quartz ball like this. The markings form physical images that help reveal the hidden psychic information within. Please, settle back down.

NS: Sorry, sorry (her voice trails off)

CeeCee rotates the ball with slow, steady movements. Her focus is intense. She mumbles, as though recognising a sign.

CD: Okay, I do see a child. A baby. But …

NS: What is it?

CD: You are looking for something, someone …it’s unclear ….

NS: (panic forces her to squeak out her question) Is Stefan there?

CD: Yes, I see him in your future.

NS: (claps her hands like a child) That’s marvellous …he’ll go free then, I knew he would. His father assured me.

CD: I didn’t say that, but I do see him with a baby and … another woman

NS: What? What does she look like? (She leans forward, looking into the ball herself, until CeeCee shoos her away)

CD: She’s maybe a little younger, but similar in looks.

NS: (sighs loudly) That will be his sister …they’re so alike. Oh CeeCee, this is wonderful. Thank you.

CD: Wait! I see more women. The dark-haired one looks familiar …

NS: Is it Raven? You met with her recently.

CD: (she nods) Yes, I do believe it’s her.

NS: Will I make up with her?

CD: I see you talking to her. A lot.

NS: Really? It’s all going to turn out well then …thank god we can put this behind us and move on happily. So relieved. It’s been hard being the outcast, and I’ve missed Raven so much. But to know Stefan is in my future ..and a child …I am beyond happy. CeeCee, I could kiss you.

CD: Hush now, all your noise has made me lose the connection. I think we’d best call it a day now. But, please, come back again. Maybe with some more specific questions. I’m sure there’s much more that I’ve missed.

NS: I’d love too. But, this is more than enough for now. I can’t tell you how happy you’ve made me. I may just dance all the way home.

CD: Can you turn the lights back on first, please. I wouldn’t want you to fall over.

NS: (laughing uncontrollably) Of course. That wouldn’t help matters at all, would it? And I am such a klutz.

As the lights come back on, CeeCee notices Nessa’s reddened cheeks, sparkling eyes  and a smile as wide as the horizon on a clear day in Great Yarmouth.


CD: Take care, then. It’s been a delight to chat with you. I wish you all the very best for the future, and my offer for another reading is genuine.

NS: I’ll be back, CeeCee. You’ve given me hope. Something missing from my life these last few days. I just knew – deep down – it was all going to be fine. I can’t wait to see Stefan walk free. We’re going to be so happy.

CD: Yes, I’m sure you will be. I have to get on now, notes to write and all …

NS: Sorry, I can be a chatterbox, can’t I? Bye then. (She pulls open the door and seems to float out into the hallway)

CeeCee smiles. That went well. Now Hugh will see that her interviews are just as valid as the academics. She blows out the candles and begins her report.

Summary: Lovely girl, not a bad bone in her body. She has a gentle aura, natural, motherly, peaceful. A little scatty, gullible even, but well-meaning. She just wants a simple life, with a loving family and to be surrounded by friends. She deserves it too. She’ll make a great mother, wife and friend. I don’t understand how those other two could have blamed her … she only ever meant to help.

CeeCee’s final session is with Stefan. I wonder how that will go. Villain or hero? How will he come across? I hear he wants to contact his dearly-departed mother. That should make for an interesting encounter. 


Thanks for reading 🙂

Casualty of Court is available to pre-order now as an ebook, releasing March 21st 2018. Click here to view on Amazon

In the meantime, you can read The Fifth Wheel – A Prequel now and find out what happened last summer.

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